9651 - how do i stop the control panel beeping due to batt

24 Sep 2010
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United Kingdom

I have a Scantronic 9651 which was fitted in a new build about 5 1/2 year ago.

Tonight the control panel started to beep and the readout says "Unit Low Batt".

I enter my code, enter 1 and review the fault. This stops the panel beeping, but, approx 10 mins later, the beeping starts again.

I appreciate that I need to replace the battery, however, is there anything I can do now to stop the control panel beeping???
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If I sort a battery and fit it, is there an engineer code or similar that I can enter to re-set the system?
Depends on who fitted it, if its on "tampers are engineer reset" your stuffed without the code.
You could "surf the web" might get a manual and you can do something. But if unsure better to get someone in.

But a low battery always needs an engineer reset.
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OK, think I may have found the engineers code on the manufacturers web site.

Will this just be a case of entering the code .... or, will there be other codes etc required to reset the system after a battery swap?
You can try it, chances are whoever fitted it changed it anyway.
Getting there, sorted battery locally for £9.49 incl VAT, Yuasa branded etc The alarm company wanted £31.20 for the same battery.

BUT, by trying to fit it, remove old one, touch anything, it triggers the K01 Tamper and locks the unit. Only way is for an engineer to come out and reset with the engineer code .... £85 for the pleasure.

Tried everything, no way round it.

As a compromise, they will reset the engineer code to a code of my choice, which will allow me to reset after basic faults in the future.

Feels like my burglar alarm is mugging me for £85 in my own home.

I could use the installation manual that I have found, and reset the whole system back to factory defaults, but, then feel a little out of my depth to program the whole system from scratch.

Guess I have to pay the £85 for an engineer to reset and change the code to a number of my choice.
Read the book more carefully and there is a "first stage" code reset.
I did say to look and did mean read it correctly.

It is how the systems are set up now for standards. Not a mugging issue.
You want something you can flaff about with buy cheap tat. :D

Your being charged and correctly so, anyone coming out wants paying. As for the price of the battery, assuming its the same they have a mark up. How much is down to them.

You have the options in front of you, always had. You just did not see them all.
Appreciate your assistance and comments.

I appreciate someone coming out will want paying .... I would if that was my job. And in fairness, £85 for a home visit is about what I'd expect. But, as a customer, I want to feel like I'm getting value for money.

My comment on being "mugged", is that I have no choice but to call them out. They installed the alarm and set it so any "tamper" would require an engineer reset.

Forget opening a panel, siren, DIY maintenance etc etc just by flipping the RCD off for the alarm on the main electrical board for the house will give a "tamper" fault, for which you need the engineer out and pay them £85 for a 30 second code reset.

I think that is wrong.

As it is, I've got them coming out to reset the system, and change the engineer code to one of my choice.

At least next time, I'll have the choice to call them out, or not.
No, a mains fail is resetable. (unless see below)
A battery fault isnt.

However if the system is to PD 6662 / prEN 50131-1: 2004 then it should be either reset by user or installer. As yours isnt on police response ( I assume it isnt) then it should be on notification only.

Ask the installer to put command 134 to 0 and 137 to 2 he will know what that means.

Tampers on engineer is common. Again have the command 33 to 0. As you want full control of YOUR system.

Now, this is specific. A low battery such as yours will ALWAYS want a engineer reset. Nothing can change that. It is the default and unchangeable setting.
So have the code made to one you can remember.

Even our hands are tied with EN panels, some agree totally with the regs some want them cleared up a little. But you cannot have it all ways.

Hope this helped.

PS if you were on a maintenance plan there could have been a remote reset done for the mains fail you mention ( flicking the RCD). No visit needed if the logs tallied to the ARC.
Why were you opening the keypad? Thats what K01 tamper means.........
£85? Its cheaper to buy a new one and replace it.

Then you get the codes that you know.
Cheaper to read and understand the manual.
And to open the right box.

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