A Bitter Pill To Swallow!

15 Dec 2007
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United Kingdom
So, the MSPs have voted to abolish prescription charges in Scotland. At the same time, charges are going up by 20p to £7.40 in England. Northern Ireland and Wales already get prescriptions for free.

How does that work? I get the idea that the rise is partly to pay for those who aren't paying. I also believe that in Scotland if an OAP has to go into a home, the state picks up the bill, whereas someone in England may have to sell their home to fund it.

Surely, if there is to be seperate charging structures in a 'United' Kingdom, then shouldn't we all go our own way on everything financial, ie tax paid in England stays in England, and the Scots, Welsh, Irish fund themselves. I think the generosity would end PDQ. It is unfair that the bulk of tax revenue is generated in England, but used to give residents of other areas of The UK an advantage. They can't keep on about independence, but dipping their hands in English wallets.

What mugs we are! :rolleyes:
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I totally agree . so how do we get round this who can we vote in to sort this out ? my guess is that a party does not exsist that would have the english at heart , seems as if we are ignored apart from our lovely tax :evil:
It's probably a small payback for all the oil you English have taken from us :mad:
Yes, I'll give you that one. ;)

Trouble is, the Welsh only gave us leeks and Max Boyce. All the N. Irish did was built a big ship that sunk on its first time out.
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How does that work? I get the idea that the rise is partly to pay for those who aren't paying. I also believe that in Scotland if an OAP has to go into a home, the state picks up the bill, whereas someone in England may have to sell their home to fund it

What mugs we are! :rolleyes:

You're talking bolloks. It is costing my brother, sister and I nearly £800 a week, repeat £800 a WEEK to keep my mum (92) in a Glasgow care home. After my dad died my mum lived with my brother as she could not take care of herself. He managed that for 4 years and her house was sold. That money, instead of being our inheritance is now paying for her care.
Ditto that. It's the same here in Edinburgh.

They've got the cheek to charge that amount then say to me, "your Mum needs shower gel, or shampoo etc" .

All that money and they won't even provide the stuff they need to wash her with.
Care homes are just one of the latest rip offs. They even take their old age pension off them then give the old dears an allowance ( a lot less than the pension too) Aided and abetted by social services too (if they have alzheimers or senile dementia)
prescription charges are not efficient at collecting what they cost whilst some will cost more than £8 most are around 2 or 3 pounds the rest wasted in administration
also generic medicines can save another £1
where free prescription works is over 60 percent wont have to pay [old young or low income]so the administration costs have to be spread over the 40% who have to pay
so instead off charging you remove administration make it free and charge say 50p a week on council tax
As Big all says, prescriptions are bogged down with beaurocracy. In Spain , you can buy antibiotics over the counter in any pharmacy, yet here their use is strictly controlled. I know some people might be allergic to antibiotics, but by the same token, there must be people who get antibiotics for the first time, only to find that they are allergic. How would a doctor know?
The main reason for trying to control antibiotics is to try to prevent the little bstrds they're designed to kill from developing a resistance to them.
In The UK there are three elements to care; accommodation costs, personal care and nursing care. In England, Wales and N. Ireland you have to pay for all three, but in Scotland you only pay for accommodation.

Perhaps your mother was in care before the rules changed, as it is only in the last couple of years that this has been the case. Or, maybe you got stiffed by your care home.

Get your facts straight before jumping in and making yourself look a plonker.
if your loved ones have over iirc £22k in their bank accounts then they pay for there care or as allready posted the house/flat gets sold to pay for it.

unless it has been deemed they are a derserving case i:e a medical reason then they MAY get some help,but the rules do seem to be on the wrong side,

my dad(rip)died late last year and at the age of 80 he was still paying tax on his saving/investments.
so over the years the govts have brainwashed everyone to provide for themselves in later life.
your taxed on your earning and again on your savings/investments and pensions then they kick you in the nuts and your charged on your care.

and what happens if you pi55ed everything up against a wall,YET again everything will be provided.

makes sense doesnt it to spend your savings and be a total burden on society.
At least 50% of what we earn is taken back by the governments in some form of tax or another.
if i make it to 92 i doubt i will be giving much a of a **** who pays for my ****e retirement home.

ray99 needs to have good think about the sacrifices his mum may have made before he moans about his inheritance, i have always led my life on the belief i will get absolutely nothing from my parents, it is their money after all.
Lets face it we'll all be zimmer frame or bed ridden cripples with other people wiping our arzes if we reach 92.
People are far less healthy now with all the crap thats eaten and the poison in the world and the lazy lifestyles.
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