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9 Dec 2004
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United Kingdom
You may have heard the great news about todays bestselling book....

Is It Just Me or Is Everything ****?: The Encyclopedia of Modern Life

I wonder how others feel about this?

I think there is a very important message with this stuff, and I intend to buy it though I've heard it is not very funny and not really a lot of good.

However I'm a touch fed up with being ripped off, conned, abused and generally taken for a soft touch or a complete idiot by everything from my government, council, landlord, even Keith Richards....... to the cost of a coffee! (or even worse, the cost of a cup of tea)

There are always exceptions and lets face it they make it worthwhile but why is so much of modern life a rip off!

I've heard that this is due to the lack of a 'counter-culture', we don;t question so much these days, and that we are so wealthy by comparison with past decades that we don't need to care.
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