Acoustic fence panels/shouty neighbours

28 Jul 2011
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United Kingdom
I've been treated to some new neighbors.

Wondering if anyone has had any success with fencing to reduce the volume of noise heard from neighbors while in gardens ?

At present I have cheap fence panels with many gaps, so looking to replace with a much more solid gap free version. Just not sure how far to go, make my own or buy 'proper' acoustic fencing designed for this purpose

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Two options spring to mind



Haha like the pictures !

Ok pic1 is a good suggestion, have tried this one however it makes it worse. Why ? Since ear defenders block out alot of the white/ambient noise it then focus's your attention on the shouting/speech that his got through.

Pic2 fair enough, but better the devil you know? Who's to say where you move to at great expense won't be worse ?

Pic3 ..... How about a variation of this with super soaker water guns aimed in their garden that are solenoid triggered by loud shouting ! I jest but would be a funny YouTube clip !
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Haha like the pictures !

Ok pic1 is a good suggestion, have tried this one however it makes it worse. Why ? Since ear defenders block out alot of the white/ambient noise it then focus's your attention on the shouting/speech that his got through.

Why should you have to wear ear defenders to enjoy your own home. Are they council tenants or own the house? Have you met them? Who is doing the shouting? Perhaps you should give them the number of Jeremy Kyle.
I put my headphones on & listen to music, can still hear my next door.
Go round and politely ask them to lower the volume or simply stop shouting. If that doesn't work or he tells you where to go, chin him! Sorry but it's the only language these ignorant gits understand. I am FAR from a violent man but I hate it when people don't consider others and/or impose themselves on others.

You're fully entitled to enjoy peace and quiet. Some here will insist the next door neanderthal is entitled to shout... well if that shouting impacts on you then NO he isn't. If he likes shouting let him go to a football match and he can shout his head off with the rest of us. There's a time and place. He's either totally unaware of how loud he is (thick as pig shyte in other words), or he's so ignorant he doesn't give a shyte. Either way he's gonna wind people up and will get his comeuppance!
thanks for the input, in reply to some of the points:

They are council tenants ( which i believe is fortunate for me, since they are then accountable to the council / housing trust )

Sounds like you are a victim of the new order - place rented / " council" housing amongst ordinary housing :idea: You need something hanging on the fence - like an old carpet - fine if you were a council tenant too ;) maybe some artificial grass mat - it`s got to be weatherproof obviously - but matting will do it
It’s a good point as most people buy lap panels without considering excessive noise.

I’m sure social housing tenants are worse, but it’s a problem everywhere with the stupid idea of “outdoor rooms” which as usual is a way of selling us loads of tat without caring of the consequences.

Marketing people seem to have their own version of history and try and put forward the ideas that people have always had dogs, BBQs, all night parties etc and you’re strange if you don’t want them.

If you want to party after a certain time then you should be in a pub/club.
I find it all backwards that people are cooking outside and drying their washing inside in tumble dryers because of all the smoke.

The summer noise is a nightmare with the windows open if you’ve got young kids that need to get to bed.

I do wonder whether 6 foot is high enough, even with a thick fence.

I think some people take the route of just using a cheaper fence panels as the boundary and then using planting to provide visual and acoustic screening.

I have a long-term project of screening the neighbours to provide privacy (for everyone) which will hopefully have some effect on noise.
This includes a few well placed fruit trees, and shrubs lining the fences that’ll grow 8 to 10 feet high.

There’s a few suggestions out there on how to improve a current lap fence, but it could well be that it’s cheaper in the long run to install a proper fence as you’ve done.
Moving plants or taking cuttings are ways to reduce costs.

I think in reality a thick hedge of conifers is the only thing that would work which is why people plant them.
I imagine a lot of people complaining about neighbours’ hedges should take a long hard look at themselves to see if their own anti-social behaviour is the reason.

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