Adding a spur from consumer unit, please advise thanks

30 Aug 2006
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United Kingdom
Hello, i know all the regs about the normal wiring of a ring in a consumer unit etc that you can spur off the ring at sockets as long as you do not exceed the amount in the ring, but how about if you wanted to add a socket right next to the consumer unit, instead of spurring off an existing socket in another room can you spur straight from the 32A breaker in the consumer unit with 2.5 T&E as that appears to me the same logic as spurring from a socket?

any advice is appreciated thanks

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You can, although in my opinion there is no need, since you have the cables from the CU right in front of you, so you could easily include your socket in the ring without needing a spur.
Or add a 20A cb and make the socket a radial on its own.
Arghh but thats a new circuit and notifiable.. good grief, tedious isnt it...

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I thought if you were adding a socket to an existing circuit which is not in a special location, a kitchen or part of a special installation, was non-notifiable. The fact it will be coming directly from the CU I don't think really matters, just as replacing an existing cable to a CU is also non-notifiable. Food for thought though, this could be a good one for LABC to answer.
Its non-notifiable, an addition to an existing socket circuit outside of a special location or kitchen and not forming part of an special installation is not notifiable, if anyone thinks it is, I ask them to show be the clause that suddeny makes this notifiable if the addition to the socket circuit is made in the CU, because try as I might I just can't find one ;)
I agree, non-notifiable.

Hey Adam, isn't this your last day D-I-Ying it? Are you really going on the tools - are you working on your own or with someone else?
JohnD said:
You can, although in my opinion there is no need, since you have the cables from the CU right in front of you, so you could easily include your socket in the ring without needing a spur.

Hello John, thanks for your reply much appreciated, can you please advise on how to add in to the ring with the two exisitng legs

when i say two existing legs i mean the legs that are available at the CU
oh hold on im having a blonde moment, no offence to blondes ha,

you leave one leg in the CU, extend from one of them and place in the socket then come out of the socket and back to the CU with the new cable

is that correct?
Let's see if this pic works

1) as you are now
=====----------Ring cable 1 --------------------------------------------socket-
CU =
=====----------Ring cable 2 ------------socket----------socket-------socket-

2) do this
=====----------Ring cable 1 ------------(cut here)--------------------socket-
CU =
=====----------Ring cable 2 ------------socket----------socket-------socket-

3) put in the new socket if there is enough slack

=====----------Ring cable 1 ------------(insert new socket)---------socket-
CU =
=====----------Ring cable 2 ------------socket----------socket-------socket-

4) if there is not enough slack, take "cable 1" out of the CU and insert a short additional length enough to reach to the new socket position. Trim back the old cable 1 so it reaches comfortably to the new socket.
yes that makes sense thanks but i cannot do it like that as i cannot get to the cable to cut it i can only access the two legs at the end of the line (at the CU)

so shall i do what i said before, leave cable 2 in there take out cable one extend it then add to the new socket and return with a new cable back to the CU thus replacing cable 1?
so i would come out of the CU with a new cable into the new socket and the extended cable which was the previous cable one would add onto to the new socket to complete the ring again?

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