Adding a wireless doorbell to two wired doorbells

20 Aug 2009
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United Kingdom
Is there a wireless doorbell that can be linked to a wired doorbell?

Perhaps a special unit can be wired into the existing wired doorbell, which sends a signal to make a remote, wireless doorbell ring?

One 8v bell transformer, two 8v underdome doorbells. Wiring to second doorbell done in 8 core alarm cable - 4 cores for each conductor, to 'beef' things up a bit.

I think America do such a product, but needs to work on an 8v system, no intention of replacing the bells or transformer.

Any ideas?
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Years ago i bought a wireless doorbell and the transmitter was hand held so you could walk around with it. it had a button you pressed, but it also had a pair of terminals inside, so you could mount it on a wall and wire it to a N/O door button.
I quess you could use a relay added on a wired system to Close the contacts.
Unfortunately were i installed it they have moved, but from memory it was likely Friedland, i think there now part of Mk
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This might do.

Unfortunately it gets wired to the bell push rather than the doorbell - but with the 8 core alarm cable I could do a bit of fiddling.

One wire CAN be connected to the + of the doorbell, as that is one side of the push, I could connect the other wire to the + of the transformer, using my 'spare' cores.
You may be able to mount it near your doorbell and put a small N/O relay to close the contacts, dependant on the transmitted frequency you may be able to transmit to recievers of other makes rather than buying from them.

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