Adding power socket to light switch

3 Feb 2006
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United Kingdom

Can any one give me an idea of how to add a plug socket into an existing light switch. In my garage, a light switch is present and I would like to add a three-pin plug socket to it, so I can operate some small appliances like power tools or a little bar fridge and also use the light switch.

Please help. Cheers. :)
Lynda, moderator

moved as posted in wrong forum (UK electrics)
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Sorry, I don't think we are up to scratch on our Australian wiring regs.
1) You're on the wrong board - this is Electrics UK - people here will not be familiar with Australian wiring practices or Australian regulations.

2) You almost certainly can't do what you want - lighting circuits are not designed to accommodate such loads, and light switches often don't have a neutral present..
The legal restrictions in Aus are massively different from the UK, but many of the Regs are similar.

I have asked an Aussie mate who is a spark there..when not touring the world and working in the Pub!, and he says that this is the same as the UK..

As BAS has stated, you cannot add a socket to a lighting circuit and certainly not from the switch pition, it is likely it does not have a neutral anyway, but even if it does you still cannot do it.

Robbo said "Call an electrician in you daft Gullar" (That's the polite version!!!)
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Appreciate your replies. At least now I know that i cant do it and need to call an electrician.

Thanks for your help.