Adding new kitchen light and switch

22 Mar 2010
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United Kingdom
I am adding a new kitchen light and switch. Instead of running an entire new electrical circuit for power I figured I could just install it next to the garage light switch and tap off with some pig tails to work the new light!!

Problem: Garage light has 2 switches one by the exterior door and the other for entry to the garage from the kitchen. The existing switch has 4 wires 1Black, 1 White, 1 Red and a Ground. New wiring for the kitchen light is from the new switch to the light 1Black, 1White and the Ground.

Need to get power through the new switch to the light!

Where do I attach the Pig Tails to feed through the new switch to the light.

Matching colors to colors is easy but throwing in a red can mess a guy up.
Thanks a Ton
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if you have two independent switches and only three current carrying wires you don't have a neutral at that location and will need to get one from somewhere else on the circuit. Just because it's white DOES NOT nesacerally mean it's a neutral, whites used as lives SHOULD be identified as such with appropriate marking methods(not sure what are acceptable methods on your side of the pond) but this is the sort of thing that often gets left out.

ALWAYS make sure you understand what is going on with an existing setup before connecting to it. NEVER just make connections blindly.