Advice before digging up garden

26 Jan 2021
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United Kingdom
Hi All,

I am planning to pull up the paving stones in our garden and lay a (temporary-ish) decking down

The property is mid-terrace, so access is only through the house.

We have a side infill and a raised square section at the back. I was also considering putting decking down in the infill.

The total outside area is 26.4 square meters.

There is a block of concrete in the corner (assume an on old coal shed once stood there - in one of the pics) that we will probably get some one in to break up and remove.

My estimation of the process would be:

1. Pull up cobble stones on the back section
2. have the concrete block in the corner removed
3. Dig down the soil level - would we need to put in some kind of hardcore?
4. lay decking

For the decking we would lay down some garden sheeting to prevent weeds, and cover with some of the gravel from the infill, then lay the decking on top of some flag stones. The plan is that the deck will cover the entire area.

Basically I wanted to know if there are any issues I should be aware of that could be a problem. I.E.

Are there likely to be pipes underneath that we might run into if digging down the ground level?
Will we need to build in any drainage?
Are there any risks/considerations when digging near the house walls, or boundary fences - Particularly when removing that concrete block?

Another issue is that the ground level of the infill is at the same as internal floor level. The back section is about another foot higher again. I understand that external ground should ideally be 150mm below the internal floor. Would it be worth trying to dig down to that level?

Does all of the above sound reasonable?

Many thanks in advance for any advice/ideas.


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