agora business publications Scam

27 Dec 2010
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United Kingdom
I got a phone call at work from "agora business publications" telling me they had a monthly construction health and safety publication. They asked if I would be interested in viewing a free edition which I said "go on then"
I gave my name and works address to send this to. It arrived as a pamphlet about 4 pages with little in the way of much interest to it so just chucked in the bin.
The following month I got another and this followed for a 6 month period. I then received a bill from them for £84! and another reminder that my account showed I hadn't paid yet.
I didn't make an account and the only details they have of me is my name and work address. Have I found myself in a legal trap? I don't want to email them and give them my email address.
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Tell them to feck off, and good luck to them if they can get money out of you with just a name.
The only weapon they have is phone calls and letters to you so I wouldn't worry too much as they will soon get fed up of you ignoring them.:cool:
yeh looking at this company on the internet they do have a history of this scam with various publications. I think they try to trick you with wording that you have to tell them to stop.
At the end of the day their trying to sell something at a ridiculous rate (in my case £84 for 6 pamphlet's! by tricking you.

I've emailed them with the wife's email address :D to quit or I will report them to trading standards.

We will wait and see their response.
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It's a straightforward procedure.

Tell them that, apart from the free pamphlet that you agreed to receive, you did not invite them to send you all the subsequent ones. I believe that you would have had to agree in writing anyway.

Tell them that you have their unsolicited goods and they may pick them up at their convenience and at their own expense. In the meantime, you will charge them a reasonable amount for providing safe keeping of the items.
I would ignore them.

You could try sending, say, a thousand fictitious bills and see how many were paid. May be fraud.
Send them some dog sh*t in the post.

That would of been a good move if it wasn't resolved :D

Got a polite email stating nothing further would be sent. They said it was all explained to me in an email at the beginning. They only got my email address today when I slated their questionable company.

Its bad enough getting junk mail but then they try and charge you £84 for the privilege :LOL: Jeez what's the world coming to.
It's an old scam. They send thousands of these invoices to companies hoping that a percentage gets through the accounts dept. and are paid. You have made no contract with them, verbal or otherwise. They wouldn't have had a cat's chance.
I have changed the title in order for it to come up on searches for this company. I read one that sounded like they settled with this scum so hopefully this comes up with others searching the web.
I have just seen this post and my partner used to work for the company that did all the calls for Agora. Its a devious scam and he used to have to phone a multitude of people in different sectors from hospitals to welders and all in between. they operate from a company called BCC in Wellingborough and no one there actually wants to call people after the amount of death threats they receive, he used to take peoples numbers and names down and call them back outside of office hours just to make them aware that they had to cancel the subscription that day. If they try to pursue you just tell them that trading standards will sort out the complaint as they hate them being involved. Also check how many complaints to court this company has had and you will be surprised. If they call don't try talking to a supervisor as they wont do anything of any value just fob you off. Doubt this is helpful but you never know.
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