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    I am in the middle of an extension and full refurb and want to fit Air Conditioning for 3 bedrooms on 1st floor. A couple of quotes recommended a single 9KW outdoor unit to run three indoor units for the three bedrooms. The cost was between £4.5k and £7k

    The outdoor unit will be fitted on rear wall of the house below the bedroom windows.

    However, due to budget constraints, I cannot do the full AC installation now so I thought I might at least do the pipework and I can fit the actual units easily a year or two down the line without much disruption but no one is prepared to give me a quote for just pipework.

    Only one room (the front master bedroom) needs pipes to travel a bit so is there anything my builder can do to make it easy to fit A/C in future? As long as I buy him the materials and instruct him, he is happy to fit for free.

    I know exactly where I want to site the indoor units so can I simply buy some trunking and have this put in place so that pipes can be run/fed through it in future? The joists of the ceiling are in the right direction to put the trunking through and maybe it can come down the stud wall gap wall to the point where the unit will be sited.

    But are the copper pipes flexible enough to be pushed straight through the trunking with one 90 degree downward bend? or is it easier to buy the right pipes/wiring/drain myself and have this fitted in place? Are the A/C copper pipes standard size?

    Any thoughts/ideas will be very helpful as I know very little about this.
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