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2 May 2004
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United Kingdom
Just had a new GLOW WORM fitted plus controls etc. Now I know I made the mistake of saying don't worry about the work tops (I am having a new kitchen fitted and frankly just as well now) but I would have hoped the engineers would have filled in the screw holes in the wall from the old boiler, put some foam sealing around the pipes leading outside, made good the holes from the old overflow pipe etc. Besides the 3 hours cleaning each night of the 2 days it took to fit and other issues like finding a packed lunch remains in the middle of my lounge, finger marks on the walls around each rad etc etc.

I have used this company before without a problem and I had accepted their estimate for new bathroom. I have not paid yet and the owner is coming to see me tomorrow etc. I complained the first day to him.

So should I expect them to make good or am I being unreasonable?
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The quality of the work done depends on the individuals doing it.

My view is that a reasonable standard of cleanliness is expected but thats an individual view.

Certainly holes around pipes should be filled in and I would fill in old screw holes.

The packed lunch might have been just an oversight OR an example of the total lack of respect they showed for your property.

Please keep us informed as its very valuable to professionals to have customers views!

Yes, It makes me angry when tradesmen abuse your trust.

I had an apprentice with me on a recent job, I really though he was casing the joint. and the following day I left him in the yard.

Tell the man in no uncertain terms you are not happy.

On the other hand you may be paranoid like my sister, it's bad enough just visiting, as for working in her house, Nightmare, the sort that would follow you around the house with a cleaner :LOL:
Agreed. Imho: - You can expect a bit of dust and the like but "making good" should be included, though not "decorating". I'd be complaining at more than an odd grubby mark. They should be using a lot of dust sheets at least, even f they don't catch absolutely everything. A monster new tarpaulin only costs about £13.
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Agile said:
Please keep us informed as its very valuable to professionals to have customers views!
Hm. That's not actually why you want to know more though, is it Agile. :rolleyes:
we always fill all holes and replaster where the old flue passed through the wall, brick work is always 'fingered' back in to, i always make a point of wiping all the marks off door frames etc, and there is zero for the customer to clean up once weve finished the days work. But thats why we probably take longer on an install than most - but the customers really do appreciate it. we even replace any milk they have left out for us to make any coffee/tea. hose down driveway and re-level picture frames!!(they bug me when they are not level). :D
But then you leave your prints on the picture glass :evil:

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