Am i being unreasonable ?

30 Mar 2011
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United Kingdom
I recently did a foreigner on a weekend moving a radiator to the opposite side of the room than it originally was, moved the pipework but the customer didn't want the radiator going on the wall as he was having the room re-plastered and decorated, while i was there he came in with a "can you just.." and wanted another radiator removing while the system was drained down. When returning to fit both rads, (plasterer had skimmed over the original holes so had to re-drill and hang the extra rad, it didn't take me long so charged him £50 for coming out again and for the extra radiator, He was completely shocked and didn't see why he should have to pay again when he payed me for the work i did the first time.. and i was being unfair for charging for the second rad as the system was already drained down and it only took 2 minutes..
Now am i being unreasonable to charge him for having to come out a second time because he didn't want it fitted on the first call.. and i know i cant be being unfair for charging him for removing and rehanging the second rad even though it was drained down.. Don`t think he will be ringing me again.. Don`t think ill be answering if he does!
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I would have done the same unless it was agreed by both on first visit that there would be no more costs.
No nothing was agreed, i told him its this much`.. for what ive done today and we`ll sort out when i come next time,
But would you call £50 unreasonable for just the second radiator removal and rehanging?
Of course you should be charging for thes econd rad ( particularly if the screw holes were lost.

But you were at fault for agreeing to do the extra work without raising the question of costs at that time.

To avoid arguments you have to ALWAYS mention the costs BEFORE you start ANY work.

Not just verbally but back it up with confirmatory emails as well.

It will not prevent any arguments but it will leave you in the correct legal position.
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I would of charged for a second visit but agreed he payed extra cost today or on next visit.

Sounds like you never told him it will cost extra for another visit.
I did tell him to pay me for what i had done today, and we`ll sort the rest out when i come back plus with him being sort of a friend of a friend, ohwell lesson learnt.
He was an oddball though.
The guy is a cock. Tell him to pay or do it himself the next time.

You don't ask Tesco's to knock money of a bottle of plonk just because it happens to be sat next another bottle of plonk.

And why do fooking plasterers insist on covering screw holes.

I first fixed my kitchen recently and laid out all the pipe sand clips. Dutifully removed it all for boarding and skimming and left the screws there as markers.

Come home and all I have is pristine skim coat. Below worktop height.

Warnkers :evil:
thats the problem with doing private work though, i presume you work for a company like BG or something... ?
People ask you to do private jobs simply cos they think they will get it done alot cheaper.
thats the problem with doing private work though, i presume you work for a company like BG or something... ?
People ask you to do private jobs simply cos they think they will get it done alot cheaper.

When these guys do private work, i hope they all have Public Liability, cos when the shyte hits the fan................dig deep
The guy should be grateful to pay you twice for what you've done....clearly he expects your vehicle to run on fresh air :p
Nothing the matter with a bit of 'mate's rates' - so long as the mate can pay you back at some time.
Me - I've loads of 'mates' :p
John :)
I remove brackets but half replace screws leaving them sticking out by 20 mm.

I then quote an extra price for remeasuring and redrilling if the screw positions are lost.

Its not a job that I enjoy measuring for fitting a rad, probably because I like to do it accurately. Its also VERY difficult if there is no vertical movement in the supply pipes!

Heres a tip for young uns....

remove rad refit screws tight on wall at plaster depth, let them scim. use a metal detector [should be a std piece of kit ;) ] hay presto you can instantly find the screw position when you return. quick scrape with flat bladed screw driver and out comes screw to refix rad.

oh and to the OP no you are not being unreasonable... but that life
Many plasterers will still remove the screws because they want to make the skin a thin as they can!

Easier to leave them proud and warn of extra charges.

The plasterer can always screw them fully in if he chooses.

Like many building workers some plasterers are lazy and careless!

I once saw a flueless water heater all full of plaster becayse the plasterer could not be bothered to cover it! Cost someone £84 to clean out!


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