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13 May 2008
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West Midlands
United Kingdom
I had Amtico Spacia fitted in my kitchen/dinning room about 3 years ago, the room is two rooms knocked into 1, half the room has a concrete floor, the other half 6mm WBP ply screwed to wooden floor boards. The installier layed it over two days, the first day he layed either a latex or a thin screed, it was grey in colour, the next day he put down the amtico. After about 2 years areas on the wooden half started to lift in the hot weather, but go back down, i phoned the floor layer and was told everything was ok, and it was normal has it was contact adhesive and would reglue it self, but now the individaul strip are coming up. i have had a different company come out and they said he didnt use flexi latex when installed it so when the ply move it has come away from the floor,and the flood needed to be taken up and a new one but down . if you lift the tiles the latex is stuck to the back of it. The concrete half of the floor is fine. I want . i want to try to reglue these tiles as floor cost me alot of money and would like to get a few more years out of it, the chap who came out told me to try "F40" a local flooring shop recommened "F60" but when i phone the manufactures they told me it would not work because the latex/screed is cememt based. i've also phoned Amtico technical help line but they could not help. Has anybody come across this problem before and what did you use to restick the flooring ? Many thanks for any help. :idea:
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f40 is a carpet tile adhesive

F60 is a contact adhesive for gluing things like vinyl up walls in wet areas.

Sounds like you need a pro in. The shops you have contacted sound like jokers along with the person who installed.

Maybe you should goggle someone like ' sid bourne ' who can come out and do a full report on the flooring and point the finger of blame at someone. He will do a full report on what has gone wrong and what the fix is and who is liable. His west midlands also . :rolleyes:
Is there alot of sunlight on the floor Steve?
Who did the floor? A shop or a flooring contractor.
Did you get a receipt off him
yes, large window and french door both south facing, the french door is on the concrete side of the room and is fine, it's the other side, i have an 8ft window there and that where the wooden floor is. So need to find an adhesive that will restick the tiles, but the latex/screed is stuck firmly to the bottom so would be applying the adhesive to that rather than the tile. The person who layed it is floor layer, but he was a friend of a friend and does'nt seem to want to now, paid him cash"live and learn". thanks again for any help.
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He should of used a High temperature adhesive mate. Anywhere sunlight hits the floor. Can you post some pictures up?
That might not be the fault though without seeing it. Think you be better getting a pro to take a look.
It's hard to stick damaged Lanka back in. Do you have any spares?
He should of used a High temperature adhesive mate. Anywhere sunlight hits the floor. Can you post some pictures up?
That might not be the fault though without seeing it. Think you be better getting a pro to take a look.
It's hard to stick damaged Lanka back in. Do you have any spares?

Daz, the screed has blown.

Op- the floor is scrap im afraid. Once the screed starts to come up it will continue across the floor.

It sounds like a low quality screed was used , incorrect screed, not primed etc. However it can be caused by other things, for instance you may of had a new driveway of alteration outside the house which has caused the moister levels under the house to change and now the wooden subfloor is moving?

You need someone who knows what they are doing to find out why it has happened and what the fix is.
A few more years out of it. You should be getting 20 years Steve.
Looking at the pictures I'd say it's a screed issue.
Was you there when he screeded it? Over plywood you should use a wood flex screed. But doesnt look like he did. Can you not get him round to fix it mate?
It will be hard to restick them planks back in. If you have spares you could try that.
Really though whoever fitted it could be to blame. I seen a hall a while ago which the women said some are lifting. I pulled one up and it was the same as yours was a latex screed used there.
I said its a full rip up and start again.
i live in Balsall Common near Coventry, know what you mean when you say rip it up and start again but half the floor is fine so seem criminal to rip it up, no haven't got any spare, and if replace the bad half there would be a differents in the colour due to the sun light, there must be some product which stick the screed/latex back down, i know i would be a bodge job but can't afford new floor, so making the best of a bad job.
Many Thanks
i was going to offer to pop in and look for you but a little to far for me as a 'pop' in.

The problem you have is that the screed has failed so needs replacing. Nobody makes a product to re-stick screed back together!

PVA might work tho as you can use this as a primer bond screed to the concrete floor etc.

Maybe pva mix at 2/1 with water and coat heavy and drop the two layers back together.

Dont know mate as you just wouldn't do what your want.
thanks for the reply, there doesn't seen to be any screed left on the ply, it seems to be well stuck to the tile. if i used a PVA or SBR in a 3in1 mix to seal the screed on bottom of the tile would i then be able to stick it back down ? and if you were in my shoes which adhesive would you use, Many thanks again :)
In your pics it shows compound on the back of the amtico and compound on the floor? you can see a pin hole that has transferred.

Is there another section (not in your pics) where you can see the plywood then?

On the one plank you have out how easy can you remove the compound?

Funny that today i had a chap that had similar problem and he manged to Jet wash the compound and glue off the tiles. Im wondering if you could do the same so you start with clean planks, then you can repair properly by re-skimming the blown screed and then you have clean planks to refit?

If you had spare planks we would be advising the above, think its worth a try with the jetwash ! :D

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