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7 Oct 2007
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United Kingdom
Hi all, and thanks to those who helped on previous queries.
I have a Marley strap-on boss for 40mm bath waste onto 110mm p.v.c. soil pipe (Marley part no. sws 410xr), but unlike the bosses built in to branches or boss collars, there is no 2.5 degree angle built in to this. Is this going to cause me grief with fall angles on my pipe run? Is it a boss primarily for fitting into the top of a lateral pipe run? (Not what I want) How do I connect a slightly sloping waste pipe into a non-sloping boss? (Apart from approaching it obliquely and turning in at the last minute with an extra, unwanted bend)
Any help would be gratefully accepted.
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2x 45 deg bend

or just push it in, but allow the solvent cement to go off first as you'll make it leak if you push a sloping pipe in too soon
u can/need have a slight incline..minimum about 1 inch a meter...if this does not meet ur outlet from the wall u have to put a 135 or 90 fitting on it
Get a proper job ye feral fekin feckless Northern Scum ;)
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Thanks for the replies, hadn't sussed that 2x45 would eliminate the 2.5 deg slope. (D'oh!). Just need to keep the horizontal section as short as possible.
@Nige F - got a job thanks, I need one what with the price of whippet food, clogs and cloth caps going through the roof :LOL:
If I have my geometry right, you don't want the boss to have its own 2.5 degree. The two pipe axes are at 90 degrees to each other. Bring the 40mm pipe in at the angle you want, mark its centre line on the 110mm pipe, cut the hole for the boss centred on that and all would be aligned. The smaller pipe is going in at right angles to the long axes of the larger pipe, but at any angle around its diameter. Awkward to explain, but does this make sense?

If the small pipe is joining the larger not at right angles then bend start to come into play to accommodate that angle but entry is still a right angle.
@CharlesUK: Just the opposite, I did want an angled boss. That's the problem. Waste from bath is running at 2.5 degrees, boss is horizontal. I will use lcgs' idea, run the pipe at 45 till it hits the boss, then level it up with another 45, thus only having about 2" of horizontal pipe. The useful part being, all the 90 deg bends are in fact shy of that angle, but 2x45 is a true 90.

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