Another Garage Question !!!

29 Nov 2008
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United Kingdom
I have searched trust me, but can't find the answer.

I want to build a single garage/workshop at the rear of an existing detached double concrete slab, pitch roofed garage.

The current garage measures 6M x 4.5M and I want to add a 6M x 3M garage directly attached to the rear of this one.

I intend to build the new garage using bricks/blocks with a pitch roof not exceeding the height of the existing garage. But I am open to alternatives.

The boundry is less than 1M away (to the side)and the building will not be visible from the front street. The garden it will sit in is large (approx 50M x 15M) so it will not take up a large proportion of the garden and will never be used for habitation.

So, do I need to apply for PP, is there a way to build that doesn't require PP (i.e. using wood or concrete slabs ?).

I guess the easiest thing is to just ask the local authority, but I don't want to lift their ears just yet !!!

Thanks in advance people.
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So you will be making a single building with floor area of approx 45m2?
Yes, that is correct. Or for arguments sake, could be made into two single buildings, if that helps with the planning rules.
Have a look on the Planning Portal for Class E (Curtilage buildings) - it's all in there.
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Great advice. Thanks Tony.

Just had a good read and:


The total area of ground covered by outbuildings cannot exceed 50% of the total area of the curtilage
Outbuildings cannot be located in front of the building line of the principal elevation
Outbuildings cannot extend beyond the side elevation of the house when the development would be any closer to a highway than the existing house, or at least 5 metres from the highway – whichever is nearest
Any part of the development within 2 metres of a boundary of the house cannot exceed a height of 2.5 metres
Any part of the development within 2 metres of the house cannot exceed a height of 1.5 metres

Outbuildings cannot exceed more than one storey
The height of an outbuilding cannot exceed 4 metres when the building has more than one pitch (eg dual pitch and hipped roofs)
The height cannot exceed 3 metres when the building has a single pitch or other roof form
Flat roof buildings cannot exceed 2.5 metres in height
Eaves height of the building cannot exceed 2.5m

Looks like I am good to go, since I don't contravene any of the above. Building regs may be required, but that's no problem.
@OP; if you comply with all the criteria listed, then on the face if it, you should be OK.

However, you need to be careful when building (or extending) a detached building in a garden. The rules state that the building must be 'incidental to the enjoyment of the dwelling'.

Many people have been caught out by this when councils have taken enforcement action over what they regard as excessively large buildings.

The council might argue, for example, that your existing double garage is sufficient for a dwelling, and possibly wonder what the extension is actually for (running a small business, perhaps?).

Whether they would regard yours as excessively large is a moot point - certainly it is not near 50% of your garden area, but keeping it under that figure does not necessarily confer 100% immunity.

If you want complete peace of mind, you might want to consider applying for a LDC.
Yes, I see your point Tony. Thanks again.

I might just have a chat with my neighbour to gauge his response, since he will be the only person likely to complain if anyone.

I am a classic car fan, hence why I need the storage + workshop, I think that is reasonable enough.

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