another painting bathroom lining paper query

3 Mar 2010
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United Kingdom
I've searched through a number of posts but not been able to find an exact answer to my query.

I have some walldoctor lining paper in my bathroom (1/2 panel 1/2 wallpaper + some tiling))- large room, reasonable ventilation. Paper is "paste the wall type" and has been put on with solvite ready made paste.
Question is how should I now paint it?

I had wanted to use a Crown period colour eggshell but this appears to be only for wood and metal-I'm assuming the same colour matt emulsion wouldn't be OK in bathroom

Now I'm looking at something like Leyland vinyl matt or acrylic eggshell
But do I do a 1st coat with 10% diluted of either one of these or use a diluted normal matt emulsion ?

Is this the best type of paint to use for a bathroom?

I hope someone can help

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21 Sep 2010
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United Kingdom
Hi there,

You're taking a bit of a risk with paper in a bathroom, but as long as its well stuck down, you should get away with it - you've used the best paste on the market, so that should help.

I wouldn't recommend oil-based or water-based eggshell as the former, as you rightly point out is designed primarily for wood/metal, and the latter is in my opinion no particular use for anything!

I would therefore use a vinyl matt, which gives you a bit of durability and will have some 'wipeable' properties. No need for a mist coat - just give it two full coats of your chosen colour/make.

My main concern would be the edges of the paper as this is where it normally starts to 'lift' in moist environments. So if I was you, have a double check around the edges before you start painting, and if you find any bits that are not that well adhered, use a bit of overlap adhesive (or neat pva) to make sure the edges are well stuck down.

Hope this helps,


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