Any Arsenal or Liverpool Fans Here????

21 Jan 2022
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If so, please read the story in the links below and see if you can help.

At uni one of my good friends was a Sikh guy who wore a turban. A few of us went to the pub at lunchtime and as we left the pub some guys in a white van slowed and shouted @@@head
and threw a half-empty can of beer that hit someone's car on our side of the road.
About 30 yards the road was a queue of traffic and the van had to stop and the car the bloke hit with the can that was aimed at our friend caught up with them. They were f/ing and blinding
and the car driver smacked I guess the tin thrower racist excrement and knocked him to the pavement and the guy was saying "sorry mate it was an accident"... We just lol on the top of our voices and then walked on and the guys inc the racist/s got back in the van and the car driver made another U turn and went on his way. This was years ago
but you would not expect it at a football match that has cctv/etc all over the place.

The good thing is you saw something, you can report it anonymously via Crimestoppers.

Lets hope the racist excrement is caught and locked up and if its working I hoep it loses its job.
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