Any composite door experts?

1 Mar 2011
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West Glamorgan
United Kingdom

On our composite door from hallmark panels where the lock is on the door and the frame there is a draft coming through.

I have had the company out who adjusted the screws on the frame who said that it will help push the door against the rubber seal which will stop the draught but you can still feel a cold draft if you place you hand by the lock on the frame

Any ideas on what the possible cause and solution and what should I go back and tell the company? or is it a design flaw with the door.

The whole point of composite doors is that they supposed to be energy efficient, this one lets draft through like the old wooden door we had!
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Start with a 6ft level down the sash and frame on the locking side to make sure nothing is bowed, if the fame is get the company the re-align it and if the sash is, demand a new sash.

Thanks by the sash do you mean the actual door?

So put a straightedge on the inside of the frame where the lock is


on the actual door?
Push the handle up so the door locks are out all the time, even when you are in
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Tried that with the handle up and there is still a draft coming through where the lock meets the frame as shown in my 1st pic

The company have come back to me and said there is nothing they can do with the draft as that's down to the design of the composite door?

Is this true - it's a hallmark panel door. If so this is totally rubbish and would be case of the sales of goods act as the product is described as a highly energy efficient door etc yet it is letting a cold draft through the lock catch

Any expert advice from the industry would be appreciated please
sounds like either the catches on the outer frame need adjusting to pull the door tighter, or the hinges need tweaking to push the door towards the catches(sideways), if the door is a good product it will be a fitting fault that just needs adjustment :eek:
As s60tsy said, you'll need to adjust the door keeps out towards the black gasket, this should then pull the door in closer to the frame. If the door isn't plumb the frame will be twisted and pulling the handle up will be a struggle, this is probably why the keeps have been adjusted the way they are to suit the twist in the door. The door frame may have to be pulled in or out to suit

It's not the draft is coming from where the lock catch goes into the door.

Speaking with the company they have said that's what composite doors are like, they have taken a backward step since PVC which are more draft proof!

All they said they could do is look at readjusting the door again and then perhaps change the insulation on the frame so that it has the 2 strips of insulation fur, at the moment there is only 1 plus the black rubber seal.

What I have found with composite doors however is that if they adjust the door too tightly then in sunshine the door expands and you can just about open the handle
the cheapest comp doors i buy has two sets of brush gaskets all the way round as standard, as long as the frame is plumb it should be way better than a upvc door, ive never had draught problems after fitting them, the only call back ive ever had on a comp was that when locked a door wasnt completely flush with the upvc frame.
This is exactly the issue we have. Think it's the same crap rubber seal that does nothing and can feel the draft coming through the lock. Company says they can't do anymore after coming out several times. Wish we never went with Composit and will most likely rip it out. Did you get anywhere with yours?
I've had this before, the draught is probably coming in through the drainage channels at the bottom, it then works it's way around the gap between the slab and the frame and comes out at the only place that there is no brush seal which is the strike plate get hold of a bit of adhesive brush seal and stick it horizontally at the bottom of the upright bits of the frame do it a couple of inches from the bottom on both sides this will stop any draught from coming upwards of that makes sense

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