Apprentice Plumber/Mate available in Surrey

There are two things I notice at first with applications for apprentices.

The first is that most letters are in a standard format as provided by job centres! The unemployed have to make a certain number of job applications to have their benefits continued. Many of those dont really want a job.

The second is those who telephone me. The proportion who are polite and speak clearly is about a fifth. The rest mostly dont know how to express themselves and many have what would be described as a bad accent. Or put another way sound like ignorant yobs. When I hear them I immediately wonder what would a customer think if they were calling them.

Unfortunately, plumbing is seen as being for academic loosers. I think thats a pity and the reality now is that many have degrees although because of the public perception of plumbers some dont usually admit it.
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Arent jumped up twerps that work as gas fitters/plumbers but dont want to help the younger generation part of the problem as well? The lad has shown he has a good attitude wants to learn but most on here are just being negative and even having a pop at him over his grammar for goodness sake.
To be honest 80% of my fellow gas fitters I have worked with have been total bellends who love slagging off other people's work to cover their own insecurities. Also most of them are right bootlickers who love dropping you in it with the governer for any mistake you make even if there not safety related.
Any way good luck lad with the attitude of the older generation you will need it.
There are loads of apprenticeships now too!

Not so many in plumbing though.

Employers prefer to take on an experienced person at a low salary, often from the EU.
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Arent jumped up twerps that work as gas fitters/plumbers

I could take offense at that!!
Sir Richard Puller RGI RIP ACOPS ACS PhD
This is the problem employers will take on a Pole or Lithaunian with more experience for near enough the same wages as a British apprentice. Its very short sighted as once these guys get to a decent enough standard they will employ workers from back home and the Brits will be out of the industry all together.

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