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20 Nov 2009
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United Kingdom
Johnson ounce said

"first rule of politics is learn how to count "

84% of those who voted , voted for a party that will respect democracy & in voke brexit

yes :eek: its true hard ,soft or semi hard remains to be seen

labour increased their share of the vote by 10% and got the most number of votes since ?? 70's ?? (tis a question)

Conservatives increased their vote by 5% & got the greatest number of votes since 1987 ??? or is 1979 ???

labour have the same number of seats as Gordon brown had

The only 2 parties (discounting the looney greens) that wanted to remain in the EU or have another referendum did not do well SNP & Liberals.
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Perhaps Corbyn / labour could convince Sinn Fein to take there seats that would help the numbers game ?

After all Sinn Fein owe him one may be ?? ;):)
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It's interesting how you can work numbers. If the Tories had got 66 more votes in three areas, they'd have kept their majority (Kensington was lost by 20 votes) but if the Labour had got another 2000 or so they'd have ended up with a minor majority. The Tories definitely lost this one, but the Labour also lost, and needed another 70 seats to get a proper working majority.

Unfortunately, the Lib Dems in getting 4 more seats, increased their share by 50%, so just gives Farron an even greater sense of his own importance.
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I think we're overdue for a major change in politics, but I doubt if we'll get it. There should be a law that all policies have to be costed, affordable and pass a "good for the country" test - or something like that. And we need to teach politics, and the economical consequences at school. But I think as most kids don't think they'll live past 40 (because they think that's geriatric old), they'll always vote for short term gains.
All this waffle from so called experts on the telley & radio & all this waffle from Corbyn about forming a government

jeez how would that work then a Liberal , SNP ,Green , welsh nationalist coalition , Sinn fein will not turn up . Tis un-likely that the DUP would support labour ??

how would any legislation be passed un-less sections of the tory party voted with em ??

No reason why a tory DUP agreement cannot work . It will have to.

All this talk about the DUP & there social policy . How about the things that can be agreed on that will effect the majority in the UK

DUP want to keep the triple lock on pensions , winter fuel allowance , more investment for NI Jeez theres a surprise after all they are NI based party

Decent open border for trade with the south.

But all u hear about is all this nonsense about extremists etc . Blimey listening to some of these bone eads tis a wonder why they allowed the good friday agreement to actually happen.