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16 Dec 2007
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United Kingdom
Hey guy and gals,

I've literally just joined this site since I really need some assistance in my DIY disaster, and also reading through the forums, you seem like a halpful bunch! :)

I have 2 studio speakers mounted on wall brackets, the brackets fit, and can support the weight of the speakers. For those who may not know, studio speakers have the amplifier inside the unit so youjust connect power and your source and your away, they are about 12(h), 6(w), 8(d) but off hand I can't think how heavy they are since I'm on the way to work (this is how much desperation im in!

Well this morning I was woken up incredibly quickly, jumped out of bed only to find than one of them had fallen off of the wall! And I now have to fix this mess, since I didnt have time and also, they have been up for ages!

I now have a gaping hole in the wall. The smart solution is to fill the gap in and sight the speaker slightly off from where it was, but since the speaker are the same distance from both walls, I'd have to resight the other speaker as well!

Can I used the same spot with longer raw plugs and a special filler?

Polyfiller is too soft and plaster I've been told doesnt do much of the sort?

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!
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It depends very much on what sort of wall you have. Now theres a hole in it you should be able to tell. :LOL:

If its plasterboard on dots of plaster (it may sound hollow when tapped), you'll need to go deeper to go past the hole behind the plasterboard. And use frame fixings - these are longer. Also make sure you use the right drill size - the fixing should meet a bit of resistance when pushing it in.

If the wall is a standard plaster on brick/block construction, use the holes you have, but buy some resin fixings as anchors. The resin is stronger than the brick and plaster.

Either way, for something heavy, the fixing needs to go deep into brickwork. I would never use the fixings supplied with brackets, as they are made to a price.

Just be glad it wasn't a TV arm bracket :eek: I hope the speaker sustained minimal damage?
Always over engineer mountings for speakers that are played at high volume. The sound vibration can and often does loosen fixings into brick or block work walls.
Resin sounds like a good option, these are solid walls, none of this new plasterboard malarki hehe, and have no trouble putting things on the wall on the past, and was so shocked since this is the first occurance! Nothing I put on the wall falls off! Lol

I used fairly long raw plugs and the other ones fine! Thing is my kitchens being built and the hammer action I. The drill downstairs was being used, and the vibrations directly below must of done it, that's all I can put it down to.

So what type of resin is this called? And do I just remove the debris from the wall and apply? And does wickes do it? What do I ask for? Like a wall resin?
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That resin can go off pretty quick. I put it in the fridge for an hour before using it, just to give it some extra time to allow me to poke the studs around.
You can buy (rawplug) 2 part resin on a roll, you break a length of & work it in your fingers, sets in about 20 mins. I used some friday. Had a similar problem to yours it was a tv bracket on an old crumbly wall. It stayed up all w/end. :LOL:
it stayed up all weekend? I want mine to stay up forever! LOL

I'm assuming its been up for more than a weekend? LOL


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