attaching 2kW dual fuel cooker to cooker circuit...

24 Aug 2005
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United Kingdom
I am getting a dual fuel cooker, gas hob, electric single oven

total cooker rating from the manual is fairly low at 2055 W

cooker comes with flex and 13Amp plug to plug into a regular kitchen socket in ring circuit

there is a permanent hardwire cooker connector (on its own cooker circuit and 32A MCB at consumer unit) behind the cooker which is currently unused but would be useful to connect the cooker to.

the cooker circuit is controlled by a 45A cooker switch socket (i.e. a cooker switch with an additional plug socket)

Normally plug kettle (3kW) into the socket on the cooker switch socket

total load on the cooker switch socket would be about 22Amps with cooker oven and kettle on at same time

Questions are:

1) Can I lop-off the plug and hardwire the cooker to the hardwire cooker connector using the 3 core 2.5mm flex currently attached to the cooker?

2) what Amp MCB can I safely use bearing in mind I may use a 3kW kettle as well on the cooker switch socket

3) If I use say a 32A MCB in the cooker circuit do I risk a nastly overload of the cooker before it trips if anything goes wrong?

I want the electrician to do as little as needs be. The electrician is a mythical beast working on highly lucrative building jobs and would have to be kidnapped to get any attention.

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I found that I had read only half the many posts on this subject but I would still like to hear your views on here

A solution may be to:

1) replace 45A cooker switch and socket with just 45A cooker switch

2) replace cooker connector plate behind cooker with two unswitched 13A sockets (although I only need one for now)

3) plug 13A cooker plug in to one of the sockets

4) replace 32A MCB consumer unit with 16A MCB to better match 10A rating of cooker

5) get it inspected

Is this nuts or illegal?
You're on the right lines

Replace cooker connection plate with single socket (I'd use MK, they can take 6mm²), leave cooker control plate as it is (no real need to go messing with it), and as long as the MCB is 32A and no higher, I'd leave it exactly as it was

Then just plug the cooker into the new socket, job done and its non-notifiable ;)
thanks Adam, sounds great. RF Lighting from this forum came to same conclusion also.

I couldnt find an unswitched MK 1gang socket, only a switched one !!! Dont seem to do them. I am assuming that as it is difficult to reach the socket behind the cooker, it is best unswitched? Any other makes that take 6mm cable ? I will post this request separately also as someone must have experienced this.
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As said over on the other thread by someone, it'd probbaly go in most makes, its just that MK specifically state their S/O are suitable for this, and its always best to try and use things within the manufacturers specification :)

Whatever you do, try and stick with a decent brand, MK, crabtree, or I suppose GET, etc

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