Cooker Point for 3KW / 13amp cooker???

25 Sep 2012
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

I'm trying to purchase a new duel fuel cooker to replace our existing (failed) duel fuel cooker. The existing cooker is connected to a standard 13amp socket behind the cooker which is on the same circuit as the other 13amp sockets in the kitchen.

The new cooker has the following specifications:


The place I'm looking at buying the cooker from states I should have an existing 'Cooker Point' with a 'Big Red Switch' to connect the new cooker to. I wasn't expecting this as it is a single oven requiring 3KW. When they say cooker point I'm guessing they're talking about local isolation rather than a dedicated circuit? Legally can a 3KW cooker be connected to a standard 13amp socket without any local isolation?

Many thanks.
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When they say a 'cooker point with a big red switch' they are referring to a dedicated cooker circuit.

Typically this is a 32 amp circuit in 6 mm2 cable, minimum.

Though you can plug in an appliance just over 3 kW in a 13 amp socket, it's not recommended on cookers.

You could do with a dedicated circuit. A 15 amp circuit in 2.5 mm2 cable is the minimum you require, though it would be sensible to use 6 mm2 cable in case of any future changes.
Haven't really got the option to run a new dedicated circuit to be honest. The 'cooker point' they refer to is a fused socket according to the customer service person I just spoke to. Don't understand why you'd want the socket fused as well as the plug?
Replace the socket with a fcu or fit one next to it.

IMO a fcu will cope better with the load than a plug.
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The manufacturer's are recommending that fixed fused connection is used rather than a 13A plug/socket arrangement.
Legally can a 3KW cooker be connected to a standard 13amp socket without any local isolation?
Yes it can - the plug and socket is used for isolation.
Some dual fuel cookers are supplied with a 13A plug fitted.
Even if not, if it's 13A or less, just put a plug on it and plug in.
Certainly no need for extra circuits or changing anything else.
The thing I don't like is the socket is behind the cooker...I much prefer to see isolation in an accessible position

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