Audi A6 2016 estate roof bars

15 Feb 2007
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United Kingdom

I’ve got an Audi A6 2016 estate, S line black edition and I’m wanting some good roof bars to hold a top box and other stuff.

The choices are endless and I’m getting a little confused with which will be best!?!!

being a tight Yorkshire man I want to get the best for my money and want them to look smart as I think the car looks mint!

I’d prefer some that don’t over hang at the side and look part of the car so keeping them black. I’m looking at a budget of around £150.

ideally I’ll leave these on all the time so I want them to look permanent.

Can anyone recommend anything please??



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Having scoured local selling sites and eBay for a set of Thule square bars I was gobsmacked at the wind noise, like a jet engine when travelling anything above about 40, I'm pretty certain my mpg took a good hit too. Several weeks later I had an unfortunate incident involving the roof bars, a bicycle and a low overhead barrier. Cut a long story short I went out and bought a set of the very latest Thule Wingbars (brand new because I really wanted the latest model), much less wind noise, I can still hear them at certain speeds but it's really not an issue now, I leave them on all the time. I think my mpg has still been affected but nothing like as much. Also the wing bars I have have the quick changing feature which would be handy if you swap between different carriers. EBay is awash with the bars, fitting kits and various carriers. I found local selling sites (like facebook marketplace) cheaper if you're patient. Obviously conventional car washes are no longer possible.

I guess if you wanted to minimise the overhang you could trim the ends off.

The bike was fine BTW.
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An A6 with permanent roof bars?
Only people from the green island would think of that.
Don't ruin the look, take the roof bars off when not needed.
Thule or genuine Audi, but they never seem to be nice or stylish on those without the gap under the rails. For £150 probably used off eBay. Most of the modern bars seem to be silver but Thule do a new black one. Most stuff is interchangeable so maybe used feet and new bars.
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make sure you get the slim aero style ones, the wind noise will be horrendous otherwise.