Matiz / Spark Roof Rack

29 Apr 2008
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Years ago it was dead easy to fit a universal roof rack to your Moggy Minor but these days it seems to be a pain in the proverbial!

Even if your car comes with roof rails you still need to then get roof bars before you can use the wretched things. I have got a pair of bars I bought in Lidl a couple of years ago but no rails. I have wondered about looking round a scrapyard for any small car with rails and adapting them to fit my 2008 Chevrolet Spark. I'm not too worried if I need to drill holes in the roof channels. I would leave the headlining in place, drill through it and find some kind of bungs for the holes. Has anyone here found a solution to the problem of fitting a roof rack to a modern car?
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For safety's sake I'd recommend roof bars / rails designed for your particular vehicle.....maybe look at the Thule web site?
Just concerned if the things fly off.....
John :)
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