Roof bars

26 Apr 2005
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United Kingdom
Many years since I needed a roof rack & they are nothing like the ones of yesteryear I'm familiar with. I need to carry two sets of golf clubs up top, my Freelander is fitted with roof rails but I don’t have any cross bars. A friend with a Suzuki does have cross bars & after a cursory glance they look like they might be the same profile & the width of his bars looks adjustable. Before I go stripping them off the Suzuki, anyone know for sure if the rails are standard profile & will fit?
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The width across the rails using an "arms stretch tape measure" looks to be about the same so if the bar profile & fitting is universal, fingers crossed I may be OK so will try them out.

Thanks for the link; I know it's less than 40 quid but I'm loath to buy as I doubt I’m ever likely to need them again & my chaepskate mate is unlikely to chip in :rolleyes: I'm also trading the Landy in soon anyway.

Many thanks Peter. ;)
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