estate car - blockin windows

14 Sep 2004
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United Kingdom
i have an astra estate but i want to make the boot area bigger and keep it hidden. what i plan on doin is putting something behind the back seat going to the roof. maybe 5mm wood? also, i want to stop people being able to see in the back window and the 2 back side windows. whats the best way to do this? ideally itll be temporary so i can easily remove it

first ideas was some 5mm wood, but then i dont think it would look too good

car is silver if it makes any difference
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You could use tint on the windows. I would recommend black/limo tint. Of course, you will need to check it won't fail the MOT (AFAIK you can tint those windows no problem, otherwise vans would be illegal!) You could use silver, but someone round here has silver tint in their silver astra and it looks a bit much.

For blocking off the boot: why not start with a dog-guard? You could then cover this with material that matches the interior of your car.
What year is the Astra Estate?

If its a 1998- 2004 model a Dog guard is the ideal solution. Look up into the roof just above the C Pillars, those little plastic covers are the fixing points for a dog guard. There are some above the B pillars too, just incase you want to increase your load capacity to just behind the front seats

Dog guard is about £95 from your vauxhall dealer

I have one and its great, transforms the car into a van when needed.
Like the previous post said you could always cover the guard with something so that you cant see through.

Dunno much about blacking your windows out, leave that to the boy racers, lol


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thanx for the advice. had never thought of the dog gaurd. that seems like the best solution from inside. still not sure what im gonna do with the windows yet. probably try a few things and see what looks best