sofa in back of astra estate

8 Sep 2006
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United Kingdom
Hi guys, same as topic, Has anyone managed to get a 3 seat sofa (about 6ft give or take) in back of a astra Estate mk5 ? just a relative asked me to pick one up, not seen it so dont want to go and find i cant get it in. Thanks.
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I would be very surprised if you could, I have a Mazda 6 estate and one wont fit in there....
There's that word again ................. relatives
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I would get them to send you the measurements.
There is no 'standard. size for 3 seaters so measurements are the only way other than pure guesswork.
hi guys, quick update, went to house today to move sofa and chair(2 trips), both fitted in car, chair just fell in, sofa had about half to 1 inch space round it and stuck out about 8 inches so just tied boot lid down, all went well, also noticed the boot is wider than a standard door, so anyone else needing to move anything, rule of thumb, if it fits through a door width then will go through back of a astra estate (mk 5) boot lid wich is also the narrowest part of the boot/ back of car. Thanks for the previous replys.