Autumn statement.

27 Feb 2017
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United Kingdom
What, nothing from the anti-Tory brigade? Must be a step in the right direction - I’m happy with it anyway.
State pensions, benefits and tax credits to rise up by rate of inflation - 10.1%
Lowering the threshold of the 45% tax bracket
Increasing windfall tax on energy companies
Minimum living wage up.
Households on means tested benefits to get £900 a year support payments.
£300 payment to pensioner households.
Electric car drivers to pay tax on their 'green' cars.
More money for NHS, social care and Education
Whats not to like? I think Jeremy's played a blinder.
Now I’ll just sit back and wait for the usual suspects to p1ss on that bonfire. Who's going to be first? :unsure:
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What, nothing from the anti-Tory brigade? Must be a step in the right direction
Maybe because it's very much like a Labour Government would have implemented. :unsure:
What's not to like. But I'll wait to see more reaction to it.
Really so where is the missing bit...the 30 billion of cuts....didn't mention those did he...he put them in the small box of review of departmental budgets...
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I only heard the leaks. According to that he is freezing tax allowances for 8 ? years. The amount taxed will increase as a result.

It's a pass the buck down the line budget if this is true. More of a stop gap than a fix.
It's 5 years not 8. ;) What I heard must have been an extremely leaky leak.
Looks to be less bruising than expected - Let's see what the FT makes of it tomorrow.
Another few grand tax for me, but it seems a fair budget as long as I don't double cop it on council tax too.
i think the increase cap has been removed. Not sure though.
the cap has been increased from 3 to 5% so £250 extra on a band D... Oh and the good news is we are poorer than we were 8 years ago and will not recover for a further 7 years....8 years growth gone in a Tory induced panic attack...whats to like ?

Ps Growth is 4.2% in the US....some global phenomenon.
It seems there are some stealth taxes but business related.

The real hit is increased income tax over 5 years by freezing thresholds. ;) Suppose this should mean regular increases to the min wage???? They expect more to be paying tax.

The extra hit on oil and gas companies depends on what they declare for taxation in their year end accounts. BP for instance has written off rigs net effect no tax paid - if the report was accurate. The other problem is all are gobals so pay tax in various countries at the going rate.

Gas and oil price do not directly influence generation from wind or solar so they get an extra tax as well.

Extra to schools - bet it doesn't make up for the reduced spend in that area over a large number of years now.

NHS ???

The problem with the last 2 is they mention billions but without relating them to the entire amount and over what time period the numbers are meaningless.
Give the people what they want to hear but don't tell them the inside details.

As someone said, lets see how the markets react over the next few days.
The real terms cuts for all budgets was a bit more subtle than we're used to.

The tax rises were sensible, although corporation tax wasn't adjusted nor capital gains tax if memory serves.

It was all deliberately leaked to avoid excitement.
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