Banned from posting in some threads. What is the reason or explanation for this?

24 Mar 2024
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United Kingdom
I see I've been excluded from some discussions without warning, without explanation, and for no apparent reason.

Evidently the mods consider some people's contributions are more important than others. or that some members need some assistance in their argument by excluding some relevant scrutinising counter arguments.

And the crowning hypocrisy is that there are many complaints about creating equality and an even playing field. This forum is obviously not an even playing field, and equality of opinion is furthest from the mods mind and behaviour.

In addition many are allowed to be excessively abusive without any restraint from the mods, but criticism of such abuse, by me, is not tolerated.

Without doubt, the this forum is a mouthpiece for some, and counter arguments are not allowed.
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From the rules.

1d) Any comments concerning forum administration or moderation should be addressed to [email protected] and not raised within posts.
If the matter is raised in the thread or in a new post, then thread, section or site bans may be imposed.

The OP doesn’t seem to learn
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I'm pretty sure I read several similar complaints before, from "different" former members...
Evidently many posters on here need the support of the mods for their arguments to have priority, and their value as a stand alone reasonable discussion is insufficient. Their ability to be insulting is far greater than their intellectual debate. And it appears their insults carry more weight than their reasoned arguments in the eyes of the mods.

The rules must be designed to give such people the advantage that they need and they think they deserve.

you have a problem, this forum will never resolve that for you

You are a well meaning chap, but you are your own worst enemy, for your own sake; please please get help

do you have any hobbies or pastimes? maybe gardening or sport or music
I see the mods apply the exclusion to others that present reasonable objections and scrutinise biased comments on here.

It's sad that so many feel the need to enjoy such an advantage.

As for the allusion to my mental state, I think such posters need some introspection, if they think fair discussion and reasonable scrutiny of biased arguments is their idea of needing mental support.
Is it correct that you’re new brand to the forum?

If you don’t like the way the forum is moderated, or the opinions of other longstanding members, there’s a simple solution. Just quit the forum. Find somewhere else that you like better. Don’t return.
What was Einstein's definition of insanity?

'Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results'.

However, Roy Bloom/Himmie/etc etc would probably argue with Einstein because Einstein was Jewish and Roy Bloom is antisemitic.
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