Therapy session with ajstoneservices

Yeah I envy the clever dicks :LOL:

So, what do you teach?

I hope you don't find it belittling if point out that I have already answered that. Still not a teacher.

But your asking the question again sheds more light on why you can't follow an argument. Sleep well.
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Wow, teachers certainly come in for it these days. It's not just public perception either; governments and 'experts' have been experimenting for years with a consequent and ongoing increase in paperwork for teachers. That's what used to take up most of my time anyway.

I'm so glad I'm out of it. In fact, if I'd known what I now know I'd never have taken the plunge. :(
You told me you were a plasterer that was lucky enough to be doing some other things. I doubt it's modelling men's underwear ;)
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I'm not sure that your response, aj, was proportional to anything Micilin posted. But if a newbie came on here and saw this thread first, it wouldn't put you in a kind light. (Assuming you want to be seen that way occasionally).

Does your sig reflect how you feel you should always be? :rolleyes: Sometimes I'm a cat. Sometimes I'm a mouse. Sometimes I'm a great big beaver hacking away at the tree of lies, deceit and unfairness.....

As the beaver saying goes

' there are lies, dam lies, and statistics'
Indolence? What does that mean? I don't remember seeing that. Oh, and you left off the bit about my making the teachers cry :oops: :LOL:
I didn't know what indolence meant either, so I looked it up before I posted. ;)
I'm so glad I did.
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