Bathroom Earth Bonding

20 Nov 2007
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United Kingdom
I am fitting a new bathroom, which will consist of a stainless steel bath, chrome plated taps, shower etc...

I will be using polyplumb plastic pipes and fittings.

Obviously I need to earth bond all of these items, what is the best way to do this?

Do i need to tie anything down to earth? or run a dedicated earth down to the fuse box?

I plan to clamp the bath, the bath taps, bath waste, shower head, shower mixer valve (although i think this is plastic as i cannot find anything to clamp to), the sink taps, sink waste, towel rail / rad and bond them all together with 4mm earth cable.

is this OK? how do I bond to the sink tap as I am using plastic pipes? I am used to bonding all the copper pipes together.

Any advice gratefully received!
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The idea of supplementary equipotential bonding is to keep all items which can introduce a potential into the bathroom at or about the same potential. It is done localy to the bathroom and does not connect to the MET or the consumer unit earth rail. I take it the waste pipes are metallic as I see you are wanting to bond them, are these main bonded where they enter the premises? A metal tap fed by enough plastic pipe to provide isolation does not require bonding. Sometimes it is better not to bond than to bond, see Plastic pipes, to bond or not to bond.
great thank you!

I am planning in cutting back all of the metal pipes before they enter the bathroom and replacing them with plastic.

So there will be plastic feeds for hot & cold water as well as bath, sink & toilet wastes. The plastic 'extensions' on the hot & cold feeds will be about 6ft long.

The waste outlets will be metal however the waste pipes themselves will be plastic.

The bath tub will be stainless steel.

If the plastic pipes offer sufficient isolation from the metal system, am i correct in assuming all I then need to bond out is heated towel rail which is both electric and fed from the existing heating circuit by copper pipe? But what do i bond it to the bath? or should i just leave it?

do i have sufficient isolation in the plastic pipe length, what is the minimum i could get away with?
bond towel rail pipes to cpc of electric element at flex out or at fused switched spur using 4mm.

No minimum length, a copper pipe intercepted with plastic is not introducing a potential.

Bath doesn't need bonding any more than a metal ash tray.
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