Baxi 105e luke warm rads upstairs

29 Mar 2006
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Tyne and Wear
United Kingdom
Baxi 105e, hot water fine, rads upstairs ok, downstairs cold.
turn rads off upstairs and downstairs rad got warmer.
when the hot taps are turned on the boiler fires up. when the CH only is on the boiler doesnt fire up ??
plus the temp l.e.d goes upto 80 and the pressure gauge goes upto 3 bar.

any ideas ?
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do you get hot water at the taps?
What is the pressure when sysytem is cold?
I suspect it's an expansion vessel problem - needs recharging.
hot water at all the taps. pressue drops to below 1 bar when cold.
i checked the expansion vessel valve and pressed it slighty, air rushed out. does this still mean it could need re-pressurized ?
(i know that if water comes out then the expansion vessel if faulty)
If the pressure rises from under 1 to 3 bar the exp ves is very likely to need recharging - see FAQs.
Have you bled the rad(s)?
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Your original posting is not consistant!

You talk about rads not heating! Then you say it does not fire up when CH is selected!

Could you explain clearly what the problem really is then we can help you.

ok. rads are warm upstairs but when CH on the boiler does not fire up.
turn the rads off upstairs to push the hot water downstairs.
i thought that i must be heating the CH when the hot water is on and the boiler fires up ??
I am sorry but I still dont understand what you are trying to say.

I often have that problem listening to Geordies but this is written and I can read it but it still does not make any sense to me.

You talk about rads getting hot but the CH not working!

Ch means rads getting hot! Thats how CH works!

rads warm upstairs but not downstairs.
when i turn taps on the boiler fires up(flames can be seen in combustion chamber)
when the CH is turn on boilers does not fire up(no flames can be seen)
i dont know how the rads are warm upstairs without the boiler firing up there just are.
i dont know how the rads are warm upstairs without the boiler firing up there just are.

I think that you have found you something to make you a multimillionaire.

A way to get heating without the boiler having to be wasting money burning gas.

Of course you will have to find out how it works and apply for a patent. Just make sure that no one else registers the patent before you. I think there is some fast track procedure that enables you to register the idea before you have all the technical details ready to make the formal application.

:LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Brilliant

This aside are you saying that your heating does not fire at all? Are the radiators getting hot when you are running the hot water? This would generally mean poor dhw performance but you say DHW okay?

Are you absolutley sure boiler isn't firing on htg. The boiler fires on min rate initially so wonder if you just can't see flames from where you are.

I'm suspecting blocked return filter or pump dying.

Are the valves fully open on the bottom of the boiler?
agile, you must be much of a plumber if you cant understand something as simple as this problem. maybe you should stick you head in a book and shut it quickly.

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