Baxi Combi 130 HE

21 Dec 2006
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West Midlands
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Hi again guys,

called out to a Baxi Combi 130 HE which after DWH has been running for approx 5 mins goes into lock out and comes up with error code LE (Fan overheat thermostat fault). Takes approx an hour b4 can reset. Replaced black thermostat in fan area, but problem still occurs. :eek: Anyone had experience of this? Again from a young pup - advice greatly appreciated. :cry:
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Not familiar with it but Alphas have a flue interuptor stat that makes sure flue gases stay below the dew point. If it is something like that and it is a band a boiler (sorry I have been too laizy to look up MI's) it points to incorrect set up, now I don't know what Baxis procedure is, lpha give you two presets on the board and the gas valve adjustement and take you through a procedure using your fga and differential mannometer.

I notice that Vokera on the UNica do it by adjusting the fan speed, which I thought was novel. Buderus expect you to do a differential manometer measurement only.

It is very manufacturer specific.
Make sue the inner combustion cover is on tight and the seals are in tact. If not ,you can get damp POC circulaing around the fan and its sensor causing this problem.
andsam said:
Make sue the inner combustion cover is on tight and the seals are in tact. If not ,you can get damp POC circulaing around the fan and its sensor causing this problem.
Yep I agree. Check the seals :!:
Or make sure the condesate is running away freely
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panner is right the poxi's combustion chamber seals are mank, do you have a load of white dust around the fan???
This is presumably the stat at the fan inlet operated to give this fault code.

Only boiler I can think of with one like that.

Presumably its to protect against serious seal failure after the burner.

Pity Apollo 13 did not have one to protect against "O" ring failure.

its the only one like that

most in my experiance have on the the primary flue not right by the fan

this one is a bleedin nusience
This stat is supposed to protect the fan from overheating.
Judging from MI, there's little expectation that it will ever really overheat....
However, the stat is supposed to be open circuit BELOW 60C degrees. It shouldn't take that long to reset itself (especially if new) UNLESS the temperature was higher than it should be.

Dodgy case seals seem to be a definite cause of problems with it, asalready pointed out here. But then - because you opened the casing you changed the seals anyway - didn't you? :confused:
yeah most pre mix burners i have come accross have them on. Never had much dealing with them to be honest but id be firstly checking condensate trap and pipe, Check burner gasket is ok and also check HE is ok and not blocked externally(i don't mean sludged up on the inside). Check the flue as well. Some of these suggestions might be a stab in the dark but worth a check.
Did you sort this - I am getting exactly the same problem and wondered if you found out what caused it?


If anyone was interested - it was the seals. On another note - the condensation trap was also replaced with what looks like a redesigned one (maybe they were having problems with the old design)
I had this same problem on 3 130's that I fitted from new. After many visits from baxi no one could ever fix them so Baxi reluctantly replaced them. As I previously said to Baxpoti in another thread, one customer is now on their 4th one that baxi has given them and fitted themselves!

Good luck :mad:
chorltan said:
the condensation trap was also replaced with what looks like a redesigned one

I think the automotive industry call this 'vorsprung der technik'

gas4you when are you going to give me the details of this 4 boiler job
baxpoti. This job was about 3 years ago and after Baxi got involved I left it to them. I do not have any job numbers etc. I think it was just after the 130 became the 'flagship' of the range. I only fitted 3 before Igave up with them. perhaps if this was your patch then I would still be being loyal to Baxi. I realise all Man's have problem boilers but these 130's :evil: the 3rd and final had same fault, watr going cold after a couple of mins, and Baxi eng told customer that if the nearest hot tap worked he didn't care about others furthest way. I do not think other Baxi eng's have knowledge that you do. Shame really, I am a pro british user if I can get reliability!
Hi. I am having this problem with my boiler. Showed error code LE fan overheat thermostat fault. Reset after an hour or so but then made three bangs from inside the boiler so it is powered off now and engineer booked. Just wondering though - recently the following work was done:

1. Flue replaced due to leaks (approx one month ago)
2. Various radiator valves replaced (approx 1 week ago). Engineer had problems re-filling the system - said there was too much air in it.

Could this new issue with the fan overheat thermostat fault be linked to either of the above jobs? It has never shown this error code before and the timing seems a bit of a coincidence.


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