BAXI COMBO 105e Too much pressure

18 May 2005
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United Kingdom
I have a 3yr old baxi combo 105e, the problem that I seem to have is with the pressure which seems to increase to around 3 bar either when the heating is used or when the hot water is used. This causes it to discharge water out the overflow pipe. Had it serviced 3 weeks ago as I noticed that there was a flashing neon indicating a fault on the hot water sensor ( boiler kept cutting out ), also there was a slight leak outside. Thought a service would cure it, but obviously not. Boiler man set pressure at 1 bar, but this has gradually increased to 2.5 bar. Would be grateful for any ideas.[/quote]
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Call the service engineer back and tell him the expansion vessel needs repressurising.

This would have been checked by a diligent engineer and should be put right at no additional cost otherwise complain about him!

Do not accept second rate service!

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Boiler man set pressure at 1 bar

Makes it look like he would have seen the pressure too high.
ALso it seems reasonable to assume that Gavonto would have told him (did you, G?).
Also the PRV was leaking.

Given any of those, would you (op) have left the PV unchecked?
It might not be in the MI to do it every year but it is a service, not repair, operation.
op said:
[ heads like you

Nice of you to join us but this is a friendly forum. No need to make comments about other members that you may disagree with.
Screwfix forum is more for the unfriendly if you are that way inclined. ;)


i hope that wasn't advertising ;)
i would agree with agile any competent service engineer would check the expansion vessel as well as checking the prv,most prv will need replacing once they have opened unless cleaned and greased correctly,a few extra pound for the part saves a lot of grief in the long term.just a thought is the filling loop disconnected?if not it could be letting by:cool:
op - I used plain English. Tell us which word(s) you don't understand and we'll see if we can help you.
Delete his posts then! Three silly ones and you're out??
its more than likely that the expansion vessel is knackered rather than needs re-pressurising as it shouldnt loose pressure like that in only 3 years unless it has split diaphram inside it i.e knackered
I feel embarassed that people like "OP" are working in our profession.

Not only does he apparently seem to think that an engineer should not be diligent and should do the absolute minimum but is rude and abusive to others!

He also seems to be making some statement about clients paying. I dont understand what he is trying to say. Any diligent engineer would identify a problem with the expansion vessel and advise the client accordingly and provide a quotation to correct the defect. Increased income!

I must assume that "OP" must be employed ( no person running his business would be so unhelpful and impolite ) presumably from his attitude by one of the rip-off callout firms. I cannot immagine he works for BG as their engineers are at least polite.


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