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1 Jan 2023
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United Kingdom
Hi all.
New user and very new to hive needing help to see where I'm going wrong.

System Info:
Baxi Duo-Tec 28 (Boiler located in the loft)
Hive Mini -
I currently have a Honeywell CM921 wireless thermostat installed.
Mains switch for boiler on hall way landing. This is only 3 wires(Neutral, Positive, Earth)

Current Wiring for Honeywell CM921:
Mains switch wire(1) > goes into HW receiver > wire from HW receiver goes in to boiler PCB(2) > wire from boiler goes back to HW receiver(3). This all works OK.

What I've done so far:
I think I've gone wrong from the start but hoping someone can help and advise me.

I wired this way = mains switch wire(1) > I joined this to the wire from the boiler PCB(3) = Boiler powers on OK.
I then used wire from the boiler that goes back to HW receiver(3) to wire in to the New Hive Receiver plate.
The Hive was wired = Permanent Neutral > Permanent Live > loop wire between 1 & 3 > Earth (also tried other channels but all ended up with no power to the hive receiver. Not even a flash on the LED in any wiring I tried.

I've seen videos and read I need 4 or 5 core cable. :eek:
If this is the case. Where would each cable go to as I am completely lost. Would anyone be able to advise.
Happy to pay a spark to fit but want to try sort my self if possible first as don't this to defeat me.

Hope my information is correct above. I've tried to word then best I can.
Any help would be appreciated.



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*Just wanted to add to this - I found the following thread on here(after my above post :().
If I follow this chaps post:Mickb6464 from December 10th 2021. Would this work ?

Many Thanks


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As a temporary solution just wire the Hive receiver the same as the Honeywell, transferring the A and b to Com and NO doesn’t matter which way around. I would certainly wire it in heat resistant flex as opposed to flat grey twin and earth.
Thanks CBW.

I'm wanting fit it and not have to go back to it.
Would you know if my follow post above with the two pictures would be the right way to wire it. I'm going to pick up some 5 core cable and give it a go this week.
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