Bedroom Cupboard Door Frames

22 Oct 2012
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United Kingdom

Our kids bedrooms have got sloping roofs that go down to a 4ft high stud wall. There is loads of dead space behind the stud wall that I would like to utilise as cupboards to free up some space.

I've found some shaker doors that I can get in the correct size but my question is: How do I go about constructing a door frame? Obviously for full size doors you can buy a pre-built frame but I would have to make these a custom size. Is it as simple as using the correct width planed timber and building my own frames? I have a router so can cut the rebates if needed.

I'm quite confident at having a go at most stuff myself. It usually takes a bit longer than a tradesman but I can live with that.

Any advice would be gratefully received. Many thanks,

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yep just buy some planed timber at the correct width of your studs(include the thickness of the plaster).
you may have to install a double head when you cut your studs out??
when you expose the studs and then cut through you will need a head plate to trim the rest of the studs and you may have to double this up.
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Do not cut out any of the studding without having a competent builder or structural engineer look at your roof structure. They may well be an integral part of the roof and not just a 'stud wall'.
I'm fairly confident it's not supporting the roof as there is an original wall a few feet back which looks like the original bedroom wall (garish 70s wallpaper and everything). The stud wall I'm looking at changing fits the rest of the modifications made to the house, badly put together and all round pretty poor workmanship.

Obviously, that said, thank you for your good point and I will have a builder take a look before we start pulling things down. If it turns out to be structural I will have no problem getting tradesmen in to carry out the work.

Cheers, Chris
You can do the work yourself if it is structural, you just need to have a plan for what you remove and when you replace it bit by bit so you don't leave a large span of roof (or downstairs ceiling) unsupported.

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