Beko washing machine banging

16 Jan 2010
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United Kingdom
Hi our washing machine, as suddenly starting playing up,

the problem we are having is when the machine get onto full spin, the machine starts to become very loud and make banging noises,

we have checked the springs and dampers these seem ok and even tried to move the inner drum but its seem frim and not tapping on the outer drum,

just wondered if anyone has any ideas on what it could be?? the machine is washing ok

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if you open the door and grab the rim of the inner drum where it meets the front seal, can you lift it up and down / side to side at all?

if so then the drum bearings may be worn and on the way out

otherwise, have you had a sudden increase in washing loads which may lead to overloading/ unbalanced loads?
There doesnt seem to be any play in the drum, and we have tired lighter loads and the banging still occours, also the washing machine doesnt jump about or anything!

so am very puzzled to what it can be, so looks like ive got to get someone out which will charge me the earth!!
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could be a blocked/partialy blocked filter/pump the machine will try and spin with too much water in the drum causing drag and inballance

iff you see water/bubbles on the fast spins or the last rinse cycles it suggests the machine is having trouble draining and the water is still dirty
if the washing is soaking during spin it will go beserk untill the water level drops below the drum then it will spin normaly
so if you see water crossing the window when the machine is trying to do a fast spin you have a drain problem
One other thing ive noticed, that when ive taken the top off, and wiggled the whole thing its seems very sloppy, like its its being held in place with a set of bungie cords, but dont know if thats normal?
Check the counter balance weights 'large concrete blocks' have found a few of these to be loose on the bottom under the tub.

Tip machine back and try to shake the weight
securing bolts come loose and caused weight to vibrate this allowed the weight to rub and wear on the supports causing more damage and allowing the weight to move more untill it was noticed as violent banging and moving of machine.
hi ive just ran the washing machine with nothing in, and its been fine no noise what so ever?? does this narrow down the problem?? im thinking that it could be the struts at the bottom??

could i be right?? :?:
With no load in there is nothing to start a vibration.

Struts, springs (Unlikely), bearings, support spider, Concrete counter balance weights

All could cause violent banging but if bearings ok more often than not it has been loose counter balance weights
Thanks to everyone who helped, i took the washing machine out again for a further look, and i noticed the grey dust, so checked the bottom contrete block again, and there was a very slight play!! tightened it up and all is ok :LOL:

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