Bentone Burner Fireup Problem

Thank you John. I'm 100 percent sure that electrodes are positioned correctly.

The next problem is where to source a control box. The Control Box is a LOA24 173A27.
I see that Siemens produced this control box, although it has Bentone stamped on it. A Siemens Control Box LOA24 171B2E is available. Are you aware if this is a suitable replacement?

Thanks again
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I'm afraid I can't comment on that one with any degree of accuracy, Jimmy - but what I can say is that control boxes are only electromechanical timers and happily there is a circuit diagram on the side that plugs into the holder. The symbols are straight forward enough and have connections to the motor, electrodes and oil valve.
Usually differing part numbers have slight differences or improvements, usually in timing intervals so I'd consider the purchase with a fair degree of confidence.....maybe there is something on the web if you trawl for long enough.
Sorry I can't be more specific but maybe the others will be more clued up!
John :)

PS Didn't Elder Dempster and Holt Blue Funnel combine in the 70's?
Scratching the brain cell again!
Yes John I got a new I pad and not being comp minded I couldn’t get back on so changed name a lot easier. Bob
Hello John

Following your suggestions, I checked the Photocell

Resistance with no light = 120K
Resistance with Led Torch shining into face = 1K

I powered up the unit with the photocell covered and there was still no spark.

Bearing in mind, that I have already replaced the ignition unit (transformer?), it appears the control box is suspect!

Talking about the transformer, the last time I replaced one was on my previous burner. It was a Selectos. The core of the transformer was an iron laminated one. It stepped up the mains from 230 volts to 9000 volts app. . It carried a death warning. I still have a spare!

Many thanks to yourself, Bob and Oilhead for your help.

Since, I have replaced the transformer unit, is it quite safe to connect 230V across the removed unit and see if a spark is produced?

Here's my findings re a few photocells, as promised.
I tested each one in daylight (overcast here and gloomy), then with a torch shining on them, and once more in total darkness.

The findings are in k/ ohms or m/ ohms.
1) Siemens QRB1 Daylight 5.3k Torch 4.2k Darkness 0.3M
2) Danfoss LDS Daylight 1.3k Torch 0.7k Darkness 0.4M
3) Satronic MZ770S Daylight 9.6k Torch 5k Darkness 50M

As you can see, the resistance of these things goes sky high in darkness - much higher than what you seemed to find.
Hope this is of interest!
John :)
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Hello John,

Glad to be able to tell you that I replaced the Control Box and this cured the problem. Many thanks for your help. Later, out of curiosity, I used a junior hacksaw to extract the electrics from the defective control box. I found that the relay was mechanically goosed. - (to use an English expression)

When I measured the resistance of the Photocell, it was still connected to the electrics - this probably accounts for the fact that the resistance measured at no light was somewhat lower than the value you measured.

Referring to your comment about Elder Dempster and Blue Funnell,I believe that Elder Dempster and Blue Funnell did join forces in the Seventies.

My first job was as a "Sparks" with Blue Funnel in the sixties. I stayed for 2 years. Happy days - Good food - nice caring shipmates. And, the office staff in Liverpool were a class apart - kind, caring and respectful - true gentlemen.

Once again, thanks for your help. I certainly learned how the the Bentone burner functions.
So pleased you’ve got it sorted (y)
A good mate of mine was chief r/o with BF in the early seventies, I nearly followed him into BP.
-... . ... - -.. .. ... .... . ...

John :)

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