Best way to tackle boarding & door casing on wall with twisted purlin

18 Oct 2014
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United Kingdom

Trying to finish off this external bathroom wall so I can get a plasterer in to plaster a few rooms.

The wall is square but the purlin above is twisted, checking with a level to get it square from the top is around 9/10mm off.
Looking at the red area

What's the best way round this? I have some 9mm ply sheet I could use, problem I have is that 2 purlins join above the door.
So the opposite side of the door frame the purlin above is only 1mm or so off, and because of the bedroom door architrave doesn't have the room for me to add an extra 9mm on.

Looking up in door way at difference in 2 purlins

Also depending on what I do is going to effect the door casing size required, so I'm unsure which size to go for.

Any screws in the pics have been added by me, alot of timber work in the house when exposed has had slight movement

Any help/advice much appreciated

Many thanks for your time
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