11 Jan 2004
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United Kingdom
As regular forum-goers will be aware, I have recently bought a smartphone for my 13 y o son.

Barely a month in, and we get a bill for unbilled services for £3.07. I query why, as he has not used all his allowances. This is the provider's response:

Dear Mr Abbott,

Thank you for your email regarding the unbilled charges on your account.

I apologise you're unsure what the extra charge relates to on your account. Having looked into this, it appears you have signed into a premium text subscription service.

As you have asked for a list of these charges, I have emailed this rather than attempting a callback.

Premium texts are sent from 3rd party companies and include an additional, chargeable service.

The number that text you with this service was 85028, and belongs to a company called Flirty Mob. They describe their service as a members only chat service and are an interactive company. Each text that they've sent to you has been charged at £3.07 each excluding VAT.

To stop your subscription to this company, please text STOP to 85028, which will remove your mobile number from their service.

I appreciate that these charges may come as a shock, and sometimes it's easy to subscribe to services such as these, without being made aware of their costs. If you'd like to request a refund of these charges, you can call the company directly on 0203 2391589 .

If Flirty Mob decline your request, you can escalate this to the governing body for premium text services, PhonepayPlus. Use this link for more information, PhonepayPlus.

As these charges were applied by a third party company, and not by Talkmobile, we're unable to remove them. I understand that you may feel frustrated by the service that has been subscribed to your number, but I assure you that if you follow the process above, you have the greatest chance possible of receiving a refund if it's due.

If you need more help, please reply to this email or call Customer Services on 0870 071 5888 between 8am and 7pm Monday - Friday, 9am - 6pm Saturday and 10am - 5pm Sunday. One of our advisors will be happy to help you.

Kind Regards,

Rosalyn Parsonage
Customer Services
E [email protected]
T 0870 071 5888 or 5888 from your Talkmobile phone
PO Box 347, Unit 19, Southampton, SO30 2PZ |

Now, neither myself nor 13 yo would sign up to an adult chat service, not even in error. I have checked the text messages received and sent and there is none from FM.

I have contacted Phonepayplus and they seem at a loss to know how to stop these charges if contacting the firm and sending a STOP text fail to work. It is unlikely I will get a refund either.

If the worst comes to the worst, I could ditch that number, but who's to say they wouldn't do it all over again with the new one?

Has anybody else been scammed like this??

Thanks, guys.
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Looks like your not the only one SS, my take on it is you've or most likely your son received an unsolicited SMS from flirty mob and without really knowing the consiquences replied hence being auotmatically signed up but usually its no great problem as you just text 'stop' to 85028 and jobs a good un, my only concern is sometimes the main charge is in the 'stop' text, they don't tell you that and fully expect you to cancel the subscription as soon as you get the initial text from them, proceed with caution

Just to add, if ever you do any online shopping (like me :D )and are forever registering and setting accounts up....ARGHHHH never give them all the correct details, sure your name and address has to match cos they'll do a card security check but give them your worst enemies phone number, they never ring you like they say they might just in case theres a problem with the order, they just want to sell your details to a 3rd party.

Phone number
Email address
When's home insurance due

All that's worth a fair bit :eek:
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I had that a few years ago. I received a text whilst in the car so, I didn't read it closely. Later I noticed that I'd been debited (It was PAYG) by an unusual amount so I contacted O2 who told me about the text and who had sent it.
When I phoned the originators to ask WTF?, it sounded like two women sitting in a room, I could hear them whispering to one another, it wasn't a call centre.
The one I spoke with told me that as I hadn't unsubscribed, I had actually subscribed and that there was no way I would be refunded.
After quite a heated discussion during which I reminded her that their text was unsolicited she relented and agreed to refund my money. However, she said she couldn't refund the VAT, I can't remember why not though.
I'd get in touch with them and don't give up. It might only be a small amount but it's the principle.
Thanks guys. I sent STOP ALL to the company as advised by Talk Mobile. STOP will stop just that one, but if there are others, STOP ALL covers them as well.

Then I sent an email to FirtyMob:

Sir / Madam

I have today been alerted to the fact that I am being charged for text messages from Flirtymob.

These have not been requested by the user of this mobile number and are completely unsolicited.

This case will be reported to Phonepayplus.

I demand that you refund immediately any monies you have taken from me and furthermore, block this number to prevent further charges being incurred by me.

Simon Abbott

See what happens...
I think either YOU or your son are guilty of having a sneaky little look.:D

The damage is done. Never text stop though, your number will be sold to thousands.
Look at what?

We never got the alleged text in the first place....
Who's the bigger fool.... him for signing up to a flirtymob service out of hormonal curiosity..... or you for believing him he didn't? :D
SS, not saying owt like, but text messages can be deleted (for whatever reason) Must admit, some of these companies send texts out to phones and just the act of replying, assumes consent to sign up to summat costing £££££'s
what is this world coming to uh!

Don't you feel like having one of these hand held Zapping device that can exterminate these barstewards and these illicit companies, wipe them off from the face of this earth!

Robbing barstewards!
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