Black wire problem

9 Sep 2005
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United Kingdom
I have a ceiling pendant which i am replacing with a chandelier which has the following wires red, black and Green and Yellow. The ceiling point has the following wires red, black and brown. The switch it is connected to is 2 way for the dining room and the landing light I am changing the dining room light - it was all connected up red to red black to black brown to G & Y and light up then when we turned the light off it blew the fuse and the downstairs lights didn't work - tried it again ie rewired it as the earth had come out of its socket and again it tripped the fuse. is there a reason why it would be doing this is it? should the black wires be kept seperate and not wired together becuase it is on a different circuit

hope this all makes sence !
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The wires need to be terminated into the correct terminals for it to operate correctly. By using a multimeter, the wires can be identified and then terminated correctly. Hope this helps.
sounds like the classic mistake assuming all black wires are neutrals.
you will find if you test with a meter that a black is in fact a switchline and live when you flick a switch in a particular position.
Niblet said:
red to red black to black brown to G & Y
What made you think it was a good idea for you to fit a replacement light when you know nothing, zilch, nada, absolutely SFA about electrics?

Brown to green & yellow?? You got a deathwish or something?
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red black and brown seems a very unusual combination to be coming out of the ceiling and the connections you made show you have little clue about wiring. seriously you are entering death wish territory with that action and if you aren't prepared to learn basic home electrics then you should just get an electrician in ASAP.

is there only one wire of each color coming from the ceiling and are there any other colors you aren't telling us about?

do you remember how the old pendant was wired?

can you get acceess from above?
Thank you all for your help - some more helpful than others though!

we thought the black wires were for the switches - we have though decided to get an electrician in as some other jobs need doing!
thanks once again.

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