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Block Paving Border Ideas

Discussion in 'In the Garden' started by ragj195, 6 Feb 2021.

  1. ragj195


    31 Mar 2006
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    United Kingdom

    A few years ago I block paved the front drive and laid slate slabs as a rear patio. The slabs look c**p. They always look dull. I let the kids help with the grouting which was a bad mistake as it wasn't packed in enough so that's broken up in places. I used slate to clad the perimeter, they're now falling off. In the meantime time the 50m2 front block drive still looks great. The only positive is that not one slab as loosened. We did the roof and knocked an old concrete garage down at the same time so they were laid on a bed of crushed roof tiles bordered by concrete posts etc from the gararge.

    I can get a great deal on the blocks as a mate manages the local TP branch and there's enough room below the door cill for around 20mm of sand and the 50mm blocks. My dilema is what to do for the border to frame them all. Any ideas? The only idea I can come up with is sleepers raised to around 65mm above the existing height but they won't be cheap so I was wondering if there's an alternative. Maybe lay the border blocks on mortar and clad it with composite deck boards or something.

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