Bmw battery help!


4 Nov 2006
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United Kingdom
Input from more knowledgeable will be much appreciated and thanking in advance
My sons series 1 bmw 2006 hatch with battery ref s: 61218381727( original bmw battery)
12v 70ah 570cca will soon need battery i understand it will need registration which will be done
But spent few hours googling & get confusing replacement with reg plus cross reference check
Yuasa ybx3096( smf) and ybx9096 ( agm) john burnerman if you are there help
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Does it have stop start? If it does then you need an agm battery, if it doesn't you can fit any lead acid battery meeting the specs of the current battery.

You can also fit a higher ah battery if you wish but it will need a bit of programming which can be done when registering the new battery
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Many thanks for reply! Regreatfull battery has no indication of stop start hence the confusion
Car book also has nothing on the battery current battery 70AH & 570CCA
in your opinion which option should i go for Car is series 1 bmw 116ise 1596cc
1.76AH 680CCA
2.80AH 740CCA
I think first option is nearest! I just had a short drive( normally i dont) it does not stop start
So as you have pointed std acid battery
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If you have stop start there is likely a button on the dash to disable it, normally an a with an arrow around it making it look like a circle
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Battery number 2 is the heavier duty type - CCA means cold cranking amperes which may give it an advantage over battery 1.
In real life though either will do, but do check if the battery needs to be coded to the vehicle.
John :)
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@thomp1983 many thanks No such button
John many thanks kindly give your final which option is best
Good neighbour will help with registration of battery if required with
A scanner
The AGM is the heavier duty, but this should not determine which one is correct,

Where is the battery located, this determines whether it needs to be the AGM battery or not also.

As Johnny said usually if it has stop start then it will need the AGM battery, but the location also makes a difference.

If the battery is inside the vehicle it really ought to be an AGM battery on safety grounds.
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