Add engine oil bmw 1 series 1.6 electronic sensor


4 Nov 2006
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United Kingdom
Hi my 19 year old son has bmw 1 series 1.6 registered 2006. Petrol engine. The car has electronic sensor (beyond my intelligence prefer the old dip stick) Sensor was showing slightly above minimum level so he added 2.25 lt
(Manual says add 1 ltr he did not bother to read manual) kindly note after adding oil the sensor has not moved it is where it was at start! He expected the sensor to move towards max level. Fyi he has been watching the sensor for period and it has been registring the level correctly. He is concerned
1.Should the sensor show correct level after he has driven few miles.? (How many)
2 sensor has gone faulty( prior to adding oil it was ok)
Any advise or help is much appreciated thanking in advance.
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Don't trust oil level sensors, especially when the car has a few miles on.....they can give one reading one day and another the next - often depending whether the car has been left on a slope or whatever.
Does the car have a dipstick? Rely on that, and please don't overfill the engine or the catalytic converter will suffer.
John :)
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John many thanks for ur reply regreat no dip stick! Car has done approx 48k miles! It was serviced @ 44k miles
Therefore have added 2.25lt oil after approx 4k miles fyi.Car was not on slope definately flat ground level.He is
Aware of over fill ans so am thankful for reminder.
Grrr and that's supposed to be progress :eek:
I guess the idrive system is supposed to inform you how much oil to add (assuming the sensor is working correctly) - expect a correct reading to appear after a good few minutes of driving.
Presumably the level of oil is now too high? This in itself is rather undesirable and can affect the catalytic converter so if the car was mine, I think I'd be heading back to a BMW specialist (or dealer) and ask them to suck out some oil and then check the sensor reading....adding oil as required. I'd also want to know how often these sensors need replacing - their accuracy can't be guaranteed for ever!
John :)
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Mine have both too....and the dipstick is the most reliable (y)
I've dealt with the odd Mercedes Benz that had no sump plug, so the oil had to be extracted via the dipstick tube. How you get the grot and dregs out of the sump is anyone's guess :eek:
John :)
Mine has a oil pressure gauge, as well as low oil level warning light and a dip stick too. and guess what its definitely not a BMW.

Might be worth for Op to take his car to Kwick fit or similar and get oil changed, they will know when all the oil is removed how much to put in and then see what your gauge says.
How can you use the words 'quality' and 'Peugeot' in the same sentence?:LOL::LOL:
BTW, I've got a 407 SW 2.0l tdi X-Line.

I was joking ! I don't think Peugeots are bad cars really. It's the dealer network that lets them down. Take your money and then don't give a t*ss.
If you suspect the reading is inaccurate then just to be safe id probably drain the oil and measure it as they do have a sump plug. My mothers 2011 model does anyway.
At least you can then tell if the sensor is faulty or it just needs more oil.
From memory it should hold about 4.25 litres in total.
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Update! After him driving around few miles the sensor is registering oil level !
Thanking all for contribution !
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yes they do let you know when too much oil mine always does this after service let the engine run for 5 or more minutes then check but im lucky the 3l diesel has dip stick aswell
John! Before he went out with friends he told me the sensor was showing max with a message beneth "ok"
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