bonnet release snapped

17 Sep 2005
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United Kingdom
hi - ive got a fiat scudo van that wont start - but when i pulled the bonnet release inside the cab it just went slack and the bonnet is shut tight - any ideas how to get it open???????? :(
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has it snapped near the release handle? you may be able to grab the cable with a pliers and give it a pull to open it
nope - the cable and nipple are still attached to the handle inside the cab - i think the cable has snapped at the bonnet catch - is it worth breaking the radiator grille off to get access?
youve got a right old problem here :cry: :cry: :cry:

and i suspect something is going to get dented or broken in the process

its worth popping down your local fiat garage asking the mechanics if they have any ideas and whilst your there have a look at a vehicle with identical bonnet release and look for a possible way to push/pull the catch with a bit off wire coat hanger whatever possibly drilling a discreat hole if nessesery

and whilst your there you can ask the cost of repairing bonnets /grills /headlamps or anything else that may be dammagedby bending or a size 12 boot :LOL:

failing all that you could phone the garage and ask

failing all that do you know anybody with a simmilar bonnet to look at

and dont forget dependant on the routing of the cable you may be able to reach it from underneath the vehicle ;)
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cheers big al - i took a hammer and chisel and quietly cut the grille off :(
i could the get a torx screwdriver onto the bottet pin and slackend that till i could prise up the bonnet - success!!!!!!
then end of the cable is an 's' shape and hooks onto the relase mechanism with a flimsy plastic popper -- it had popped off :evil:
just need too trawl the breakers for a new grille :)