Bosch Condenser Dryer "Clean Container" (secret flap door)

Since cleaning out the sump under the removable flap, the dreaded 'container' light came back on today, with the machine stopping!!!

Im wondering if the moisture sensors need attention? I think I have found them on my Bosch CLassixx 7, which if Im correct are these two silver curved bars just inside the drum, to the left as you look at the machine, anyone know how to remove them?

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Thank you so much for this. I had the same problem and it was driving me mad. Googled the problem and found this conversation. Found the secret flap but took an age to get it open - so fiddily. Cleaned it out and now it’s working a treat!! Yay!

If you are planning to diagnose and repair yourself, then there are a few guides on youtube.

Every machine is slightly different. Some allow you to easily remove the sensor bars from just a few screws located around the lint filter insert. Others may require the front coming off. It is a bit of trial and error.

If you can find an exploded parts diagram for your machine, they usually gives a clue as to how everything comes apart. Other than that, trial and error.

It may be a good time to give it a really good service, remove every bit of visible dust from any sensors or vents.
Found the 'secret flap' on my Classixx 7 and... success. Well done Bnaji.
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Had the same container light problem. Found the secret flap under the condenser and cleaned out the sump but the problem persisted. Solved the problem in the end by cleaning the metal prongs that extend into the sump. These has become gunked up with sludge and we’re making an electrical connection between them that made the machine think the sump was was and therefore the container was full. Had to remove side metal panel and unscrew a plastic cover over the pump to get at them which took about 30 minutes. I have attached a few photos of the location and the prongs that needed cleaning.


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Well, my dryer (Classixx7) has exactly this problem and it is brand new -- it was delivered yesterday and I tried it out for the first time today and after a minute or two it switches off, container and start light flashes! It can't be sludge, being brand new. I called their services and the first lady said I should return it to where I bought it which is not possible. The second person I spoke to said they have to send an engineer around.
So here I am, stuck with wet laundry for the next couple of days!
This should not happen with a new dryer. Very frustrating.
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Well, turns out the problem was that it was all towels in that first load. It's now working fine with an ordinary load. \towels too wet and heavy, I suppose.
I had the same problem. My 1 year old Bosch Maxx 7 sensitive condenser dryer would stop after a minute or so and would indicate a full tank of water. Filter was clean, water tank empty, cooler filter think from the front bottom left of dryer was clean, made me crazy!

Found this great post, took apart my dryer, hoses clean, no problem... Then I found a "secret door" flap, whatever, located in the bottom panel in the slot where the large cooler/filter thing goes. It is in the way back on the bottom. Lies flat has two hinges that you pull in with your fingernails towards you. Lift the flap up and you have a small holding area that gets full of gelatinized sludge! Pulled out about a cup full of lint filled slime gel, dried everything, put cover back on, viola! Works like new.

You don't even have to take the dryer apart if you can find the secret flap! Oh well, at least I know how to take it apart if I ever get bored. Thanks a million for the posts you great, helpful people!
I had the same problem thanks for the tip I located the flap and cleaned out all the sludge and it now works like new !
Ah the Secret Flap ! Thanks all for this tip , so simple a fix for the Bosch Classixx condenser dryer .
Thank you, thank you, thank you! The hidden flap. I've had this dryer for years and never knew that flap existed
After a lot of sludge retrieval I have finally got our dryer working again. Months. Months and months my husband's been "fixing" it.

5 minutes with Google and I discover you amazing people!
Another item to service is the airflow fan . The blades become coated in fluff and become inefficient .
On the lower right there is a panel . This is tricky to remove but once off access to the airflow fan is possible , again clean off the gunge and off you go .
Thanks to all for this very useful thread .
Very helpful thank you, although the SN model WTD84360 has the pump in the middle of all other shait, so in essence the right side panel has to be removed. A bit awkward but the other descriptions helped following my hunch of a clogged pump. The machine is now in a heap of dismantled screws and panels and will be assembled tomorrow..
Thanks to tavk! (On page 4)
I have model WTW863S0GB/11 and there is no removable condenser, no secret flap.
You have to dismantle the machine to get to the bottom reservoir and pump because it's in the middle of the machine under the drum.

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