braking imbalance

2 Nov 2006
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United Kingdom
hi guts

i have a vauxhall meriva 2006 which on test showed a imbalance of 50% on o/s/f compared n/s to o/s front + bind on o/s/f

on striping down the brakes it was noted that the brake was bedded into lip on disk due to build up of deposits in pad seats as i will call them, the lip on the disk is approximate 1 mm... not very much at that.
ive sprayed white grease onto the slides behind rubbers, tested that the piston moves in either direction, cleaned and copper slipped brake backs and seat where the brake pads slide into possition.
on test again the machine displayed 360 nearside to 300 offside.

so my burning question is what now can be done to improve the imbalance
disk are fine replace last year i think it was as i say only 1mm lip on them
caliper works fully extends and retracts free moving on slides

thanks guys hope to hear back from you soon
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Terry, do have a close look at the inner disc faces, will you? They often rust up much quicker than the outside.....
Brake binding is usually due to a sticking piston in the caliper but naturally can be caused by the slider pins too.
You may need new pads, if they are glazed, but they will take time to bed down to the old disc shape......I wouldn't expect the discs to be past it after only one year!
Its also a good idea to renew the brake fluid every couple of years - easy enough if the bleed nipples have been opened before.
John :)
360 - 300 = 60
60/360 = 0.16
0.16 x100 = 16% imbalance = a pass

Probably new pads and disks to get things better, but only after they get bedded in ...........
If the above figures are correct don't stress
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