Brick chimney stack for my garden shed

2 Sep 2013
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United Kingdom
Hello all,

I've been working on my dream shed for a few months now.
(I work full time so this is an evenings and weekends project.)

Yesterday I finally got the chimney pot on so I thought I'd upload some photos.

At the bottom of the stack is a black t piece with a removable cover for cleaning. The pot and the t piece are connected with an offcut of flexible flue pipe which I got for cheap on ebay.

Of course to work at this height I needed a scaffold so I being a keen diyer, I made one of them to. You can see me sitting on it in one of the photos.

The next task is now to get the roof on, hopefully before winter!

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It's for the wood burning stove that I'm going to use in my shed.
I won this nice French 1930's stove on ebay for £100

And you have some PVC pipe in it????

Doesn't that melt with the heat??
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lol, a pvc flue pipe?! :D

No no, it's steel finished in a glossy black paint. I didn't choose the paint, that's how it arrived in the post.
how did you get on with planning permission?
The planning permission was surprisingly easy.

Before I did anything I took advice from a town planner in the family and I visited all of my neighbours in person. I explained and showed them what I had in mind with printed out plans. No one expressed any concern yet I feel they were glad I asked.

Before I submitted my plans I rung Cardiff Council and asked what are the chances of getting a chimney approved. They said that on the grounds most houses in the area had chimneys and many with working fires and log burning stoves it shouldn't be as problem.

The only change they made to my application was in the title. They changed the name of the application from "GARDEN SHED FOR WOODWORKING HOBBY" to "GARDEN SHED WITH ATTACHED CHIMNEY FOR WOODWORKING HOBBY"

That way when they wrote to everyone to inform them of my application there was no mistake about what I wanted to do.

I still had to wait the mandatory 8 weeks for a decision. The only set back I had was when after 3 weeks they told me that my plans were drawn to the wrong scale and my 8 weeks would start again after re-submission.
I'm struggling with the concept of a Brick construction being described as a Shed! to me sheds are built from Timber! hope your neighbours are good with it and the smoke from your wood burner does not cause you any grief!
(sort of glad you are not my neighbour! - no offence) ;)
That looks like some shed. If I built one wife prob get me to live in it :confused:

What sort of roof are you going to build?


I wanted slate originally for the roof but it turned out to be prohibitively expensive, even second hand.
In the end I went for slate effect tiles which are very light and quite cheap.

Here is an image of what it looks like currently.

Progress has slowed of late as my attention has been diverted to finish decorating the house. My very patient wife has lived in a half finished house for 3 years whilst I renovate it in my spare time.

I hope to finish the shed later this year.

It's equally as brilliant as it is pointless.

I love it, but so glad I don't live anywhere near you :)
It's equally as brilliant as it is pointless.

I love it, but so glad I don't live anywhere near you :)

Pointless? :eek:

Well, maybe it is a bit over the top but it was good fun to build :D

By the way, the chimney will be used for actual heating and there is a floor in the roof which provides tonnes of storage.

I haven't even started on the really pointless stuff yet. There's a mock Tudor finish to go on the barge boards, wooden finials to go on the ridge ends, Victorian floral tiles to adorn the walls of the porch plus loads various other ginger bread embellishment.

Pointless in so much as its way OTT for a hobby shed and probably not as practical as a decent shed/cabin/garage without all the dressing :)

It's utterly fantastic though...can't wait to see the finished product.

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